5000 North Steanson, Oklahoma City, OK 73112
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03/19/2014The landscaping is amazing, lawns spread out across a vast area. The buildings exteriors are stately and private. This is a really nice complex. People can walk their dogs (it is situated within residential) and there is access to all the major places to shop or dine (it is situated in the city). This place has a subtle flair to it. The interiors are nice, the neighbors are nice and we like it. My husband and I live here and we wished we had been here before, we tried to get a unit here before but they were full occupancy. This ... Full ReviewYES5.0
12/24/2013These apartments are soo old. Always something wrong also with MAYRIDGE, I see why they lost Sara she was soo good and helpful. Sue is the worst person to work for or be around. She yells and is soo rude ... Full ReviewNO1.0
08/18/2013I've lived here at Mayfair for over a year now (moved in in April of 2012). The positive things I can say? Well... Maybe it's easier to start with the bad. The A/C is completely useless and my electric bill ... Full ReviewNO1.0
07/16/2013So I have lived here for a year now and they're not the best apartments in Oklahoma City. But for the price, they are pretty good. I've had three problems I can think of here. One, pests and this is ... Full ReviewYES4.0
12/20/2012After being a tenant for about 5 months it was unmistakeably a bad choice. Sue the manager is the complex 's worst problem starting with lie after lie just to rent a unit. And be forewarned about being "friends " ... Full ReviewNO1.0
08/24/2012 First of all, Sue (manager) told me that rent for a...NO1.0
07/06/2012 I would not recommend living here for the management...NO1.0
06/06/2012 I've been living in these apartments for a year. The...NO1.0
09/12/2011 So, my husband and I lived here for 6 months in...NO1.0
12/02/2010 What initially attracted me to the apartments was that...YES4.0
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Mayfair Gardens is an apartment community located in Oklahoma City , OK . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Tiffany House ( 0.4 miles), Drexel on the Park ( 0.6 miles), and Elm Creek ( 0.8 miles).

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