301 Point Parkway Boulevard, Yukon, OK 73099
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04/10/2014I was a former tenant at the Park at West Pointe and had a wonderful experience; great property staff. I moved back to OKC and into Park at West Pointe but this experience has not been good. The carpeting was filthy, both toilet mechanisms have broke, noise from downstairs apartment tenants, un-cooperative property manager, maintenance does not perform all duties required such as annual smoke detector testing despite what management states I watched as they changed the air filters but did not test the detectors. The refrigerator smelled for almost a month before I was able to get the smell ... Full ReviewNO2.0
11/26/2013We lived at the Park for almost 3 years. We have no children and rented a 2 bedroom 2 bath and we own 2 pets (both and cat and a dog). I always recommend that renters keep track of your ... Full ReviewYES5.0
10/13/2013The parking spaces are narrow. Plan on your car getting damaged. My neighbor had her vehicle window broken. The walls/ceilings are thin. You can hear full conversations people are having outside through the walls! So, imagine what your upstairs neighbors ... Full ReviewNO1.0
08/24/2013We moved in a year ago and recently had to move back into our house. When we put in our notice, they asked us to move out five days earlier. They explained that they had a interested renter and needed ... Full ReviewNO3.0
07/28/2013 I have lived in these apartments for a 1.5 years. I've had my brand new 2013 Vehicle keyed, My Chevrolet pickup was stolen from inside the complex, $6000 of tools stolen from inside my truck, watched a drunk driver race ... Full ReviewNO3.0
05/25/2013 My partner and I currently live in these apartments,...YES4.0
11/09/2012 My husband and I have lived here since February and...NO3.0
09/26/2012 Living here now, If you like your vehicles dont move...NO1.0
08/31/2012 Move in if you like CRICKETS, SPIDERS, WORMS AND...NO2.0
08/10/2012 STAY AWAY!!!!!! We are currently living in these...YES1.0
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The Park at Westpointe is an apartment community located in Yukon , OK .

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