10411 SE Cook Court, Portland, OR 97222
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From: DianeBaby@comcast.net
Date posted: 7/22/2007
Years at this apartment: 2002 - 2007
I've completely enjoyed living here. The management staff has always been considerate and helpful, maintenance always prompt and efficient - the grounds are immaculate and they keep things up so wonderfully, it's a beautiful place to live. I've had a few minor incidents after hours and called 911. I've never had any incidents to date to complain about. I had trouble with a particular neighbor and after I made three complaints she was "gone" before I knew it. I was told it takes 3 complaints. They always come and listen outside of the door before they make contact. And I had trouble with one of the children in the building next door and the manager herself came out and personally took her and made her apologize to me and explained to her what the "consequences" of bothering other people would mean for them not being able to continue their residency. I've never had another issue with the child. For my 5 years here, I've completely enjoyed it, and I've been in some "lesser quality" complexes with very poor management. This group in the office "has it going on" for keeping up with things. The services they provide are extraordinary. They put on all kinds of activities every month at their own expense and it almost includes food. On Thanksgiving they had an all out banquet fit for a king. They have special activities for kids, provide DVD's for the movie theater room or for home viewing. They have outgoing mail for UPS/FED EX, DHL, USPS. The staff, the whole time I've lived here, has always been above average, friendly, helpful and compassionate. I highly recommend this place to live. They also provide after hours security as printed in their monthly newsletter that is PERSONALLY delivered to your door every month without fail, as well as special fliers announcing monthly events TO YOUR DOOR so you don't miss the newsletter. All in all? I've had a very positive experience spanning 5 years now. PS: As far as the post about the "extra large" setting on the washer, news to me. I've been using it for 5 years without a single drop of water leaking. No problem with ants. Plumbing is fine. Water pressure excellent for being on the third floor. Exterior is being repainted and they're doing a very "neat" job, no oversprays.

Last updated: 10/14/2007

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