910 North Harbour Drive, Portland, OR 97217
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From: SoOuttaThere
Date posted: 2/17/2009
Years at this apartment: 2005 - 2007
I moved out of Harbour Court two years ago. At that time the roof leaked badly- and water poured into my bedroom in several different places. A very large portion of the ceiling came down- on top of my new $4ooo mattress. In addition, I had a new bedroom set, and water poured onto several pieces of my furniture.
How did Pinnacle handle this? Well, they didn't. I had to move all my bedroom furniture into a damp storage unit (which subsequently caused it to be ruined), and lived and slept in my living room. Maintenance came and (literally) tore out half the ceiling, leaving beams, fiberglass and dust exposed. The room was completely unusable. The shower was inside the bedroom area, so we had to brave the otherwise sealed-off room to use the shower daily... breathing in all the unhealthy material. My bed frame was also broken by management during this time.
I lived like this for nearly three months... all the while being told the problem would be resolved. They refused to let me out of my lease initially, and I was told I had to pay full rent or would be taken to court. In retrospect, I wish I would have let them take me to court! The pictures would have horrified the judge!
Prior to this, management was a nightmare after being taken over by Pinnacle. Four incapable managers in one year; trash overflowing; frequent police visits; filthy facilities; paid garage access constantly broken; door entry system that didn't work; break-ins; unscheduled walk-ins by maintenance; continual apartment-wide(sales?) inspections and general unresponsiveness to issues. Also, they advertise "river-front" living and you can't even see the river since condos were built in between apts and river!
To add insult to all this, rent increased about 30% in two years... and they call this "LUXURIOUS LIVING!" Pinnacle is the most unprofessional company I have ever encountered and they need to legally answer for their wrongdoings! I am taking time to write this after leaving to save anyone who is willing to read from making a mistake that you will truly regret. Good luck.

Last updated: 2/17/2009

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