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From: MKMSBS111
Date posted: 11/21/2012
Years at this apartment: 2009 - 2012
I had to write a review since I was reading what this deranged tenant is writing on here.

I have children and I am far from old and I absolutely love it here.

If you want a quiet, clean, well kept, drama free, problem free, neighbor friendly apartment then Center Point West is the apartment for you. The apartments, the grounds and the staff are the best in Bensalem and extremely well kept. I've been here 3 plus years and I am planning to move next year only b/c I am purchasing a home. It's very quiet and comfortable here.

Ettie (the Manager) is very strict and doesn't pull any punches however never has she ever been rude to me or my family. If you are a good tenant and follow the rules of your lease you will not have any problem living here. The rules are standard rules. Ettie is always there to help, and/or listen to problems or meet any need that she can for ALL of her tenants.

This complex is a working class complex, so you won't see tenants partying every night and day, it's safe, no drugs or addicts living here, the noise level is very minimal which I love. You won't see tenants fixing their cars or hanging out all hours of the night disturbing their neighbors. Sure once an a while a neighbor will have a party however each one of us have enough respect for our neighbors to let them know ahead of time. Actually most of us that live here are middle aged professionals and are mature enough to have respect for one another.

One day I had a leak in my laundry room, naturally I called out of work thinking it would take all day to fix. I no sooner called at 8:30 am by 11:00 am the problem was assessed, fixed and I was at work by noon. Now that's service! Oh and by the way it was my washer that was broken and caused a leak, I had a new washer by 11 am. This is the service I get any time I call for service (they even change my light bulbs) lol : )

Last updated: 11/21/2012

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