851 Clearview Ave # 132, Ephrata, PA 17522
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From: amazon2643
Date posted: 12/10/2007
Years at this apartment: 2007 - 2007
i must say that while my husband was not thrilled about moving here, i was & lord knows that i wish i would have listened to him. when we first saw the complex we thought it looked farely well kept & tranqual.unfortunately, upon moving in we were less then impressed. aside from many maintenance issues including a leak the first day we were offically moved in, to a dryer that didn't work, a broken lock on the patio door & an ancient dishwasher that didn't wash(were still not impressed with it's performance). to make matters worse, the buildings are so poorly constructed that you can here everything going on in the surrounding apts.the noise is obscene to say the least. when we initially moved in we made complaints regarding the noise coming from the apt above us to the occupants & then the office. the office rep.seemed shocked because "there had never been any complaints regarding noise"according to her.according to the people upstairs though, they were having the same problem with the family on top of them. well, the people upstairs moved out & we had peace & quiet for a very short while(it sounded as if a demolition team was up there after they left,not maintenance working on the apt.). then the new tenants moved in. saying that the ceiling sounds as if it were going to cave in on us is an understatement. we have addressed our new neighbors regarding the noise. it turns out that the lady in the office flat out lied to them when they expressed their interest in the apt. truth be told the family seems to be a decent bunch, but the noise has gotten worse since speaking with them & the office has done nothing to rectify the problem. the lady in the office lied when she told them that there had never ever been any such problems & not once did we or the family living on the second floor ever have any problems, when infact, the families on the second & third floor had alot of problems. so much so that the people who originally lived above us moved out. mind you,these apts. are all carpeted, which doesnt say much about the construction. you would think that would muffle the noise some. NOT! BEWARE.the office rep, -----, had me fooled. not only did i like her when i first met her(because she seemed so personable & honest.go figure!), but i thought i would love my new apt. we haven't even been here a whole year, but lord knows we have absolutely no intentions of renewing our lease. to the rest of youout there. DON'T DO IT TO YOURSELF & DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. THESE APTS. ARE POORLY MADE & OVER PRICED.YOU CAN FINE MORE PEACE LIVING IN THE GHETTO!! SO SAD!!

Last updated: 6/18/2008

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