2529 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203
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From: LittleRockDoc
Date posted: 4/5/2013
Years at this apartment: 2013 - 2013
I've loved living here. I've lived here for nearly 5 years, and I am only leaving because I am moving across the country.

- great office staff. This has been super-helpful for me, as I am a busy professional. They are helpful with packages, repairs, recommendations for local services (e.g., dog walkers, house cleaners, etc), and are just nice people. I've been here long enough that I've seen several waves of new office staff and this is the second management company, and they always go above and beyond. Obviously, they make efforts to have a great office culture.
- apartment design. I lived in a large 2 bedroom townhouse. I'm a big guy, and the closets are HUGE- plenty of space, and they could fit the extra-wide hangers I need since I have broad shoulders. The master bedroom is enormous, and the guest bedroom was huge, had a full walk-in closet, and a full bathroom. Decent sized kitchen, and the attached garage had extra space for storage even with a car in there
- respect for tenants. Parking can get tight (... they do have spots for everyone), and I really appreciated that security would tow unauthorized vehicles to make sure tenants had parking spots. The security guard knows both my dog and me by name, and has a regular presence.
- location. Right across the street from places like REI, Cheesecake Factory, Hofbrauhaus, Doublewide Cafe (my favorite)
- outdoor access. Literally a few yards from a great rail trail, which I use every day. Great for running, biking, dog walking. About 1/4 mile from a very nice off-leash dog park
- decent gym. The gym in the complex has a few machines and weights, and is completely adequate. If you want something bigger, the LA Fitness is a 2-3 minute walk away
- Maintenance. Timely, helpful, gets stuff done right. They have weekend people on call for emergencies.

- Price. The complex is priced as a premium property. I actually considered this a positive, as it meant that it catered to young professionals and respectful tenants. I felt like I definitely got what I paid for, in a good way
- Some dead space in the apartment. The space above the stairwell is deadspace extending to the second floor. Figure it adds $10/month to the utility cost

Overall, great place, happy that I lived here

Last updated: 4/5/2013

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