1 Chestnut St, Providence, RI 02903
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12/17/2013The good reviews absolutely have to be written by management to protect themselves from terrible ratings. First of all, this place smells of death and chemicals. They use low grade bleach on everything on a daily basis, because the smoking that turns the walls yellow. As many reviews say this complex is nice and quiet, it is anything but that. Neighbors are noisy and rowdy, a lot of people always fight on my floor. Second of all, if you are a white person working downtown... Move somewhere else because this isnt the place for you... This is subsidized housing, but it doesn't ... Full ReviewNO1.0
03/26/2012I moved here over half a year ago as I decided to just go with the building that appeared to be the closest to work (I worked about a block away). As a mid-20s professional working in consulting, I have ... Full ReviewYES4.0
09/08/2010I just moved into the building. Everything in my apartment was new when I moved in. My apartment has so many great amenities (new appliances, wood floors, tiled bathroom, amazing shower head, great water pressure, plenty of warm water, floor ... Full ReviewYES5.0
06/07/2010The building is being fixed up and the hall ways on each floor look like the projects. They are unfinished for almost 4 months now and an embarrasment when visitors come. That is another thing, there is never any parking ... Full ReviewNO2.0
03/04/2010This place is a mix between and elderly home and a third world country it's filled with smelly foreigners with screaming babies all day and all night, the crossroads homeless people cut through the landscape areas, I've awoken to homeless ... Full ReviewNO1.0
12/17/2009 Wow, People just like to complain. It is the biggest...YES5.0
10/27/2009 I would highly recommend Beneficent House to anyone...YES4.0
11/15/2008 Shoddy uneducated foreign maintenance (if they ever...NO1.0
10/26/2008 I have lived at this location for 3 years and find it a...YES3.0
10/09/2008 This place is a --------, it's like living in a...NO1.0


Beneficent House is an apartment community located in Providence , RI . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Cathedral Square Apartment ( 0.2 miles), 1890 House ( 0.2 miles), and Alice Building ( 0.2 miles).

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