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Apartments for "Green Meadows 17310 Kieth Harrow Houston, TX 77084"


Green Meadows Apartment Homes

17310 Kieth Harrow Blvd, Houston, TX 77084

    06/28/14 by anonymous: Stay away!! First off ive been here a year and ive paid for three parking passes at $10 each because every time they change towing companies we have to buy new passes...only to come home to no parking spaces and cars parked on the line, over the line or taking up two spaces! I could have kept my money if they wont tow violators! Secondly, I paid a $300 pet deposit and pay $10 a month for my more


    Breckenridge Court

    16150 Kieth Harrow Blvd, Houston, TX 77084

      08/13/13 by anonymous: This apartment complex is terrible!! I dont know where to start. The parking is horrible. The appartment staff is VERY rude and they dont care about what you have to say. Every night if i walk onto my front porch all I smell is weed. If something needs to be fixed in the apartment you better fix it your self. Its pointless to ask the apartments. Roachs crawl out of light sockets. Half of the light more


      Harper's Mill

      16160 Kieth Harrow Blvd, Houston, TX 77084

        07/09/14 by anonymous: All five-star rating due to the legend of Harper's Mill. Why sometimes the apostrophe, and other times not? Why only the biennial reports? This evil has crept into the late twentieth century, as it still retains a domain and website, but... it's... dead. It's like this complex is a modern-day Brigadoon, its lust for human souls to entrap outweighing the longevity of its infection. more


        Meadow Creek

        6416 York Meadows, Houston, TX 77084

          07/28/14 by anonymous: This place is bad and I mean real bad lets start with the basics first roaches , vandalism , theft, pool is full of garbage water is black, side walks are trip hazards ,graffiti, apartment manager lies straight to your face. For gods sake don't go out after dark.... more


          Meadows Apartments

          10615 Meadowglen Ln, Houston, TX 77042

            03/12/12 by anonymous: I looked to lease an apartment here. I really think it was a virtue that I walked away...always trust your gut. Jenny in the leasing office was the worst when it came to customer service. I called 3 times to check the status of my application, I yelled my last name 4 times spelled it 3 and she still didn't get it right. Never recieved a call back, had to call to check the status of my more



            53 1/2 Lyme Rd, Hanover, NH 03755


              125 South Alma School Road, Chandler, AZ 85224

                08/11/14 by anonymous: They should *NOT* state the complex is smoke free. I noticed a person smoking by the stand-alone garages to the left of the office when you drive in. Also, noticed cig butts by the office. more


                Meadows On The Mews

                12512 Ashford Meadow Dr, Houston, TX 77082

                  10/03/12 by kurtrawson: the place looks nice, i stayed in a recently remodeled appartment, things work very well. What i like is the location for the price more


                  Rainy Meadows Apartments

                  12345 Bob White Dr, Houston, TX 77035

                    01/18/14 by anonymous: I wanted to move ma few of my employees over here but after speaking to some of the tenants about the landlord Alexis, I changed my mind, quickly may I add. They stated that she is unprofessional, demeaning behavior that although good tenants pay the rent, they are penalized for the bad. I actually called and spoke to her and she seems to not have a clue on personal more


                    Village Meadows Apartments

                    16803 Carl Ave # 3, Houston, TX 77060