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Kingswood Village Apartments
3233 Mangum Road, Houston, TX 77092
Aug 3, 2013 - jtstone said:
I moved here a couple of years ago cause ,I metthe manager at the local store and she was telling me about how well the property is,Plus the apt i was at was terrible ,light bill and ac not maintained at my old property,biil there $250.00,I moved to kingswood village , light bill down to $50.00,plus quite,and the management keeps it that way,Maintenance, is ...Full review of Kingswood Village Apartments
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The Summit at Champions
(formerlyTrestles Of Houston)
14365 Cornerstone Village Drive, Houston, TX 77014
Jan 20, 2014 - -Anonymous- said:
I LOVE my apartment my leasing agent(Rose) was awesome in moving me in!I think the community is well kept up,I like that they have things for the community and are very involved from the start.I hope it remains like this throughout my lease term my move in was very NICE and I like how she kept up with me and made it a comfortable experience. ...Full review of The Summit at Champions
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12100 Metric Boulevard, Austin, TX 78758
2 Reviews
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Silver Creek Apartments
3200 Mangum Road, Houston, TX 77092
Jan 28, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
The apartments have so many problems. Lived here since,2010. Leaking ceiling. Roaches all the time no matter how clean you are. Bed bugs. And when you report them they try to make you pay $600 for the treatment. Your better off doing it on your own. Recently had a change, you now need keys to get in the property but doesnt stop break-in, in the cars. ...Full review of Silver Creek Apartments
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Rated Bad:ConstructionParking
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Hidden Park Apartments
4225 Mangum Road, Houston, TX 77092
Aug 8, 2010 - -Anonymous- said:
When I first moved into this apartment I thought it was great. It was $550/month and you just had to pay electricity. I moved in in the winter and everything was fine until the summer came. I live in an upstairs apartment and come to find out the insulation is very very minimal. My electricity bill was $168. This is for a 1 bedroom 700 sq ft apartment. Not to mention, I keep the ac at 80 ...Full review of Hidden Park Apartments
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Burnham Woods Apartments
3130 Mangum Rd, Houston, TX 77092
Jul 1, 2013 - hdog79 said:
Right now, this property is in full blown panic mode. They are trying to renovate units at a furious pace to keep tenants here and bring in new suckers. First off, be aware of any good reviews for this place. Most likely, the good reviews are from management. The problems here are endless to say the least. On a monthly basis, the water is shut off for some repair. These ...Full review of Burnham Woods Apartments
Rated Bad:GroundsConstructionMaintenanceSafety
52 Reviews
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Eclipse Houston
1725 Crescent Plaza Drive, Houston, TX 77077
Dec 5, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
Just recently moved out of Eclipse after living there for the past year after my job moved me out of the country. My experience was above average to say the least. The management team is beyond what I have ever experienced! They have exceeded my expectations time after time. Rabie is a remarkable individual that takes customer service to a different level. Not once have I approached him with ...Full review of Eclipse Houston
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Montage of Houston
5927 Almeda, Houston, TX 77004
Jan 21, 2012 - eightezsteps said:
I moved to Montage (Mosaic, whatever) just over a year ago. I got in on a good special because I know my unit now goes for much more than what I pay. The rent is on the high end of my budget but it's well worth it. The views are great, parking is never a problem (except for the idiots that tailgate you into the garage but that happens everywhere), management was very helpful ...Full review of Montage of Houston
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Park Houston
12000 Martin Luther King Boulevard, Houston, TX 77048
Apr 24, 2011 - larrymiles114 said:
I haven't moved into the apartments yet,but as far as I can see the complex it has improved a lot, I have nothing bad to say about the apartments yet. The staff seems really helpful and wants to please. ...Full review of Park Houston
Rated Good:Parking
Rated Bad:GroundsNoiseSafety
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Equinox Houston
2950 Old Spanish Trail, Houston, TX 77054
Aug 24, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
There are many good things about Equinox and you can see those if you visit the property. Instead, I will talk about the bad things you may not notice in a short visit. There are TOO many irresponsible dog owners in this property. The manager should limit the number of tenants who have dogs. It is like a jungle here. At anytime and at any place in the property, a big dog may attack you! I ...Full review of Equinox Houston
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