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Apartments for "Stone Forest 9801 Fondren Houston, TX 77096"


Champion Forest Apartments

7330 Silent Wood Ln # 101, Houston, TX 77086

    08/07/14 by anonymous: STAY FAR AWAY!!!! ROACHES ROACHES ROACHES! EVERYWHERE IS ROACHES! Don't let the great prices get you. It's not called champion forest for nothing you definitely will be living in the wildlife of a forest. The roaches don't give no ---- they will walk through the front door with you. Oh and you will get robbed if you have nice things so be sure to get an alarm I you do decide yo make more


    University Forest Apartment

    2600 Bay Area Boulevard, Houston, TX 77508

      05/31/14 by anonymous: The staff are very supportive and nice! They always try to make the apt. & environment very comfortable and friendly to every resident! Also, the security system is very reliable, and they take care of any emergency situation 24/7. I just moved out because of my job, but I miss living in the apt! more


      Forest Green Apartments

      7000 Fonvilla St, Houston, TX 77074

        05/16/14 by Do not move here the management team is rude, and the maintenance don't fix anything , I went without actually in th summer time for 4 days more


        Spring Forest Apartments

        6000 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77081

          03/20/14 by anonymous: hi my name is alex.i live at spring forest for 3 months now its not a good place to live if you pay for rent.its barely a step above homeless.there are rats and no pressure in hot water and mostly a mean staff.first my neighbors ceiling collapsed on him and him and he was evicted.he is currently looking for better place.i tried to help by keeping some of his stuff.he came to visit and bbq.the more


          Lakeside Forest Apartments

          1251 Wilcrest Dr., Houston, TX 77042

            09/18/14 by tay tay: Lakeside is the nasty apartments ever too many freaking roaches. The head manager is lazy they don't change the freaking carpets around here. The staff just walks around acting like they doing something. P.S. Aviod moving in. Change that please DO NOT MOVE!!!!! more


            Woodland Forest Apartments

            5900 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77081

              Oak Forest Apartments

              1370 Afton Street, Houston, TX 77055

                04/29/14 by anonymous: I HATE THESE APARTMENTS! I moved here because it was convenient and practically home. I lived here as a kid (forgot all the problems we had then). Management NEVER steps in when there problems that the leasing agents can not help with! They look for any and every little reason to rip you off! My rent is $660 and they tried to say I owed $55 because it was 800??!!! Where was the math done more


                Forest Creek Apartments

                5915 Uvalde Rd, Houston, TX 77049

                  11/13/13 by anonymous: This is absolutely the worst apartments to live in !!!!! Where do i began, ever had a day where all you wanted to do was go home and get in the shower and go to bed ???? Well its hard to do when the free water that is supposed to be a perk is cut off randomly. Want to sit on your patio outside ??? Try it with the ten pounds of dirt that the workers through over the balcony during an effort more


                  Pine Forest Apartments

                  17103 Clay Rd, Houston, TX 77084

                    07/01/14 by LesJohnson: The gate is wide open every time I go by. I'm not even sure if it's an actual access gate, or just a gate for looks. It doesn't even connect in the front, so anyone can walk in at night, to do whatever mischief they please. The grounds don't look good. Broken sidewalks and parking lot flood very quickly. I know bc the day I visited, it was raining. Dirty building exteriors more


                    Village Forest Apartments

                    17133 Imperial Valley Dr # 1, Houston, TX 77060