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The Arbours of Hermitage
6001 Old Hickory Boulevard, Hermitage, TN 37076
4 User Responses

The Arbours in Hermitage, rather the slums of Hermitage are as close to living in a trailer park as you get. The people that work here could care less about what goes on in the complex. You call and get either no response or something sweet just to get you out of their face. ----------------- were the best employees in the place and they were chased off. The rents constantly on the rise for no reason, you pay to park now and the excuse given is at night security. Well it must be the Invisible Man because in a year he or she has never materialized. Arbours never clean the air conditioning filers unless you hound them, the front gate is always broke yet you pay for a gated community. Anymore it's like living in the projects. Your forced to pay for trash pick up and again the cost of that went up! I could walk it two steps over to the dumpster myself! And don't even get me started on the WATER bill!!!! Highway robbery nearly $200.00 a month and I'm at work more then home. Unless the cat knows how to take her own bath the Arbours is pocketing some of my money. And to top it all off you might as well name this place the Roach Motel. If it isn't water bugs and roaches then you have the good old recluse spiders. No matter how much we spray. This place looks like a dream by the photos on the web site and the sugar will be laid on thick when they are showing you around but once you sign on the dotted line WATCH OUT! It's next to being in Purgatory. GET OUT!!! And RUN if you aren't locked in.

I lived in a town house unit a few years back. It was always freezing downstairs in the winter, and one of the bedrooms, and during the summer.. the other bedroom was constantly hot. I recall maintenance coming over trying to act schocked and surprised.. but I'm sure they knew it was a dump. Terrible foul smells coming from the dishwasher, and we never used it.. Super sky high water bill.. The little weird man who gets your trash off your porch, I have to say I was so happy to get away.. Holes in the bottom cabinets, allowing cold air to enter in the winter, and heat in the summer, basically impossible to heat and cool without paying double.. I recall the water bill being extremely high. 75.00 water usage, and then 75.00 disposal usage. I called to complain.. they said it was the amount of water that lef my pipes that I was charged... how in the blan can someone mesage how much water you dispose of...anyway... the people that used to be in the office were ok.. I won't say the names, but they threw a really good neighborhood party at the pool.. I left personally due to other issues, cost was a big one. A 3 bedroom/ 2 1/2 bathrooms including water and electric was over 1200.00 a month. I have been gone for a few years, and I pay a water bill where I stay at now, but it has never ever been over 100.00 in over a year..The complex was over-priced, and very outdated..
I just received the "water" bill, and much to my dismay it has several fees that were not mentioned prior to leasing. There are so called administrative process fees that are well in excess of the actual services, including a new account fee. Also when I called to have these fees explained no one answers. I physically walk down to the office and they have a sign up stating they will return in 30mins. When I get back to my apartment I call again and leave a message. Thirty minutes later I skip calling and decide to go to the office. The sign is still up, no one is in the office; I waited thirty MORE minutes before giving up. I have yet to receive a call back. Last time I was in the office the "women" were acting like children. The girl in the back was making moaning noises like a child does when they have to pee. The young lady that was supposed to be helping me could not stop giggling to answer my question. The Arbours at Hermitage has left a bad taste in my mouth for apartment complexes, very unprofessional. No help here! Keep looking! These apartments looked great in the pictures. Don't fall for it like I did, worst mistake of my life.
Hello Anonymous, I am very sorry to hear that your experiences at The Arbours at Hermitage Apartments are unsatisfactory. We appreciate you sharing your concerns as this is where we can evaluate items mentioned such as staff, pests and security. We value your opinion and I will be sure to address your concerns with our community management team. Our community manager welcomes the opportunity to answer your specific questions so that we can expedite any services needed to make your stay here feel more like your home. Thanks again for your comments, please feel free to call me at your earliest convenience so that I may assist you with your concerns and service requests at 866-740-9774 or email us at Have a wonderful week! Marsha
I have also lived here at The Arbours for two years and have had a much different experience. ----------------- were great employees indeed but how do you know they were "chased off"? Rental apartment staff are always looking for opportunites at other properties. I do agree with you about the absurd water/sewer bill which suddenly went up when NWP took over the services billing. Paying for parking at your own apartment is gouging for sure but you don't mention the really good, responsive maintenance team we have. I'm sorry you are having a bad experience here but I ejoy my apartment and am paying a third less rent than I was in San Francisco.

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