2000 Hartmann Plantation Court, Lebanon, TN 37090
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01/29/2013My name is Jenna.I just recently moved out of Hartman Plantation because of the rent increase. I am soooo upset I had to move out. Loved it there; loved the one bedroom apartment; loved the pool; loved to lay out in the summer and just relax and not worry about creepy people starring at me and making me feel uncomfortable like most places are; loved the staff, very kind. They were always on top of things; loved how the staff was considerate of not entering your apartment without permission; loved how they got strict with people not picking up after ... Full ReviewYES5.0
10/24/2012Well i think dis apartment is only good for anyone dat doesn't really care to know what is going on in d word and d society. d reason y we have t.v. cable companies is because they want u to ... Full ReviewYES3.0
09/27/2012We are very satisfied with Hartmann Plantation. This complex is brand new, and very well built. Our satisfaction is based on quietness, upkeep of area and units, electric bills are what I would consider reasonable and the ac unit has ... Full ReviewYES5.0
09/25/2012Horrible apartment complex!!! You can hear your neighbors above you no matter how quiet the complex tells you the apartments are. They assign only one parking spot for one bedrooms. Virtually no other parking. Electricity bills just keep going up. ... Full ReviewNO1.0
08/06/2012Hartmann Plantation has been a great place to live this past year. The office staff became like family to me. The community itself is very quiet. I became very good friends with several of my neighbors. There were several get ... Full ReviewYES5.0
04/04/2012 My family and I are going on our second year at Hartmann...YES5.0
04/03/2012 After years of being unsatisfied with some or all...YES5.0
04/03/2012 Go live at Hartmann Plantation, Lebanon, TN I...YES5.0
04/02/2012 WOW!! That was a lot to take in huh. Hi my name is...YES5.0
03/27/2012 Hartmann Plantation is a new complex in Lebanon off of...NO2.0


Hartmann Plantation is an apartment community located in Lebanon , TN . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Hartmann Plantation ( 0.0 miles), Discovery at Mountain View ( 1.7 miles), and Rollingwood Apartments ( 1.8 miles).

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