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Mateo Square (formerly 6111 at Ridgeway Crossing)

6111 Ridgeway Boulevard, Memphis, TN 38115
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Ok I never wrote a review or a negative one if that, but this place is freakin horrible and it's a hell hole to live in! My fiance and I have lived there since January and in that time the apartment was broken into and they didn't even consider it a priority to change the locks, then during the summer the air went out and it was almost a month before we even go the air fixed but thank God we had another place to lay our head while they took their time getting to us. Now it's the winter and the heat has went out so now we have to flip the circuit breaker to get a few minutes of heat. Several calls have been made to fix this issue but again it's not a "priority" to them. The outside light at our front door has went out and they won't fix that. The customer service is horrible! Well that depends on who you talk to either when you call or come to the office. If you call/go in and you deal with the transexual thing, it will give you a hard time. Then they hit you with erroneus charges randomly. Please don't move here unless it's like your VERY last option!

Last Updated: 12/26/09
You are so right. Several of the managers had resign from the site. One rumor is that the management doesn't pay there vendors. They can't get parts to fix anything and this is why things goes unfix. They don't care about anything but the rent being paid!

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