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Mateo Square (formerly 6111 at Ridgeway Crossing)

6111 Ridgeway Boulevard, Memphis, TN 38115
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Ok I have been here for about a year and a half and this is by far the worst apartment complex ever. You can drive by this hell hole and see that it is terrible, and not kept up properly. The management here is a total sham, Trivonda the leasing manager is the most unprofessional woman I have ever come across her attitude is absolutely shameful. Then her little accomplice Patricia isn't any better when you talk to her you can tell all she is about is money, yes I don't care to drop names so if you come over here and you talk to them you will know who I am referring too. The other people in the office don't know anything, all maintenance does is hang out by the mail boxes all day long, so when they were broke for a two months they stayed away scared someone would ask them to do some work. The entrances are closed off by wire what is that going to stop, security only shows up when something bad happens, they ask you your name and what apt. you stay in and that is it. Alright my name is Joe Blow and I stay in apt. 112 where the players dwell, ok go on in!!! The grounds are not kept up the only part that looks decent is around the leasing office and I guess they think people are that dumb to only go off what the leasing office looks like, people do drive around. Last but not least your rent is not considered late until 30 days, when I tried to move to another apartment they would not give a decent report on me, they give horrible inaccurate information trying to make it hard for you to leave, so you can stay here. They want you to sign another year lease but I refused to do so, and because of that they will not clean my carpet or do any repairs, but it is ok cause when December rolls around I am out of this dump, they try to be slick by keeping you here but I got out of my prison so I would advise everyone to keep ROLLING BY!!!!

Last Updated: 11/15/08

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