6501 Harding Road, Nashville, TN 37205
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04/22/2014What an awful place Valley Ridge is. Yes, it's cheap, and yes, you get exactly what you pay for. I've had multiple maintenance issues- each one taking at least 3 weeks to fix & what seemed like 100 phone calls inquiring when the problems would be addressed. The two old women in the office are a real treat- embarrassingly awful customer service. When you call the office to ask why they haven't returned your call, they'll claim, "well I did call you, it must have not gone through?..." Um, hi, I'm not stupid and all phones, smartphone or not, tell ... Full ReviewNO1.0
04/15/2014I lived here for a year and a half. It seemed ok at the beginning, but then I realized that it was a mistake to stay here that long. I had a two-bedroom apartment, shared with a roommate. It was ... Full ReviewNO2.0
04/10/2014Don't expect much from these nearly 40 years old apartments. Poor construction, no insulation. I lived in a one-bedroom apartment for several years and moved out recently. My electricity bills on average were $150 a month during the hottest and ... Full ReviewNO2.0
03/10/2014I have lived at Valley Ridge over a year now, and I LOVE IT...anything I have needed done with maintenance has been done in a timely manner, no complaints here. Its very quiet, convenient to my work and other activities. ... Full ReviewYES3.0
02/10/2014I have lived at VR sinse 2008 and have not had any prpblems what so ever. The new staff is great and very attentive to needs of the community. I can not believe all the gripes listed on this site. ... Full ReviewYES5.0
01/27/2014 mold, poor construction, faulty electrical,...NO1.0
01/08/2014 When we first moved in to valley ridge it seemed to be...NO2.0
12/10/2013 I got here to find out if other people are sharing same...NO3.0
12/01/2013 The current management is not very responsive. Having...NO2.0
09/30/2013 I have lived here for several years, and I'm...YES4.0
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Valley Ridge is an apartment community located in Nashville , TN . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Legacy Hill ( 0.5 miles), The Lakes of Bellevue ( 1.3 miles), and Bellevue Heights (formerly Archstone Bellevue) ( 1.6 miles).

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