3006 Franciscan Drive, Arlington, TX 76015
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From: -Anonymous-
Date posted: 8/8/2011
Years at this apartment: 2010 - 2010
The Franciscan was a decent place to live for a year, but I would never move back. The location is good because it's close to UTA, the Highlands (food and shopping), and I-20.

You sign your lease because the units are decent. There are move-in specials (e.g. gas cards and gift cards), usually worth $50-$100. The staff will forget that you are supposed to receive this, so you have to be proactive and call them multiple times to get what you are owed. They will also offer to paint an accent wall for you for free, but may forget to actually do this prior to moving in.

After move-in, pray that you never have to deal with the management office again. They never follow through on things, they are rude and apathetic, and everything is 10 times harder than it needs to be.

Other issues: the "security gate" is a joke because everyone just drives through. The pool is overrun with people from other properties or because a college kid showed up with his 20 buddies. Maintenance may or may not fix things on the first try. You will get cockroaches and other insects in your apartment if you live on the first floor. Parking is a pain in the --- - you can pay extra for a designated spot, but for what you pay for rent, parking should not be extra. The laundry areas are a nightmare - washers are broken, washers take your money, dryers do not work (I once had to wring out an entire load BY HAND because the washing machine failed to spin properly). Exercise room and its equipment are of average quality.

The biggest problem with the Franciscan is they try and pretend that they are better than the other apartments - they will charge you for this "exceptional opportunity" to live there, yet fail to deliver once you move in. If this place was managed better, it might be a different story, but the women in the office are rude and apathetic. You certainly do NOT get what you pay for when you move here.
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