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Marquis Shoreline (Formerly Cunningham Apartments)
3501 Shoreline Drive, Austin, TX 78728
Apr 2, 2014 - -Anonymous- said:
Don't ignore the reviews, I did and I highly regret it. Upon move in we noticed the apartment was nothing like the show apartment. Everything was dirty and/or broken. Fresh paint covered hardwood and carpet flooring. Not to mention the abundant amount of dog hair throughout the apartment. While scrubbing cabinets and drawers I stumbled upon a razor blade. Luckily I was not cut. Now ...Full review of Marquis Shoreline (Formerly Cunningham Apartments)
Rated Bad:Parking
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Goodall Wooten Dormitory
2112 Guadalupe Street, Austin, TX 78705
Aug 5, 2012 - -Anonymous- said:
I don't even know where to begin. This place is AWFUL. There are 3-7 different nasty scents you'll smell on your way to your room, there's mold around and in the air vents, dust clumps blow out of the air vents, over crowding in the parking lot, loud neighbors yelling on the balcony and in the hall late at night, and the list goes on. It all just gives me a ...Full review of Goodall Wooten Dormitory
Rated Bad:GroundsParkingConstructionMaintenance
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Chevy Chase Downs Apartments
2504 Huntwick Dr, Austin, TX 78741
Jan 17, 2014 - -Anonymous- said:
DO NOT LIVE HERE!!! Unless you are highly into entomology and want to experience living with the insects first hand, stay away from this place. The cockroach infestation is repulsive. Dreading my morning coffee, I nervously wake up everyday. I regret not paying more attention to the reviews. Please heed the warnings! Do not rent here. The building are old and sturdy, but it is not ...Full review of Chevy Chase Downs Apartments
Rated Bad:Office StaffConstructionSafety
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Volente Villas
11908 Volente Road, Austin, TX 78726
Aug 16, 2011 - volvox said:
Our unit was entered on several occasions without notice or permission during the day when we were not around. This was a shocking and frightening revelation. We later spoke to neighbors who also expressed the same problem. Staff maybe entering and going though their tenets belongings. Office management is raciest and add extra fees to the rent every month. They claim pet friendly but ...Full review of Volente Villas
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Southland Apartments
2201 W William Cannon Dr, Austin, TX 78745
Jul 4, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
When I moved into the Southland Apt. complex, I thought it was a decent place. I was so wrong! There was so much criminal activity going on in the place that I could not believe my eyes! There was drug activity, alcoholics drinking outside, and having loud parties. So loud that you could hear them in your apt. at night, and up until the late hrs and until the AM hours. There were ...Full review of Southland Apartments
Rated Bad:ConstructionSafetyOffice StaffGrounds
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