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Lafayette Landing
1835 Burton Dr, Austin, TX 78741
Apr 17, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
I absolute HATE this place! The is little--------in the SLUMS! I currently live here and moved here because I just moved to Austin and got misled by their video and floor plans! The apartments look very old and it is absolutely GHETTO! They can walk into your apartment at ANY time. ----- is the Assistant manager and she is absolutely USELESS! We have a BEDBUG INFESTATION, -------- are playing ...Full review of Lafayette Landing
Rated Bad:GroundsNoiseSafetyMaintenance
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Malibu Apartments
8600 North Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX 78753
Jul 9, 2012 - -Anonymous- said:
Please dont move in here warning these apartments were renovated they use to be called malibu they are horrible i lived here only a week and there are bed bugs i had to throw away my bed and all my furniture please dont be fooled. There is never no parking space and the manager is never there she is just plain lazy! Such a small place not worth it i also had roaches and fleas!!!! ...Full review of Malibu Apartments
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Woodstone Apartments
4021 Steck Avenue, Austin, TX 78759
Jan 30, 2014 - -Anonymous- said:
I lived here for over three years. When I moved in, I thought it was a cute 'intimate' apartment complex which was recommended to me. No. The neighborhood seems nice but don't be fooled: it's not safe. I had my car stolen TWICE and broken into, and I witnessed multiple attempted burglaries at this complex. The mailboxes got broken into. You wouldn't think it would be ...Full review of Woodstone Apartments
Rated Good:Parking
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Towne Vista Apartments
2201 Montopolis Drive, Austin, TX 78741
Jan 31, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
This place is an alright place not often loud is just alot off other stuff like cars getting broken into and some apartments people ask for them to fix gates and get a walking security guard to walk grounds to stop the high crime rates.. The office needs to light up the parking lots REALLY bad like in the back area it needs to be more lit up the lights they have are just not enoght they need to ...Full review of Towne Vista Apartments
Rated Good:Construction
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Salem Walk Apartments
1016 W Stassney Ln, Austin, TX 78745
Apr 18, 2011 - -Anonymous- said:
We gave notice for leaving, then they said we didnt and had to give it again. On our last PAID day for that apt, i was going to move the rest of my stuff out after work, but when i got there the place was unlocked, the door was open, and everything I had in there (including the cable box I was going to give back so I didnt owe them money) was in our dumpster. I would really ...Full review of Salem Walk Apartments
Rated Good:MaintenanceGroundsOffice StaffParking
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