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Villas of Cordova
5301 George Street, Austin, TX 78744
Mar 16, 2014 - -Anonymous- said:
At first I was going to say "Its on the downward side of "Meh"", but as i started typing I realized this place is horrible. First apartment in the city. Must say that the parking is horrible. Used to be tenant parking only, but there were too many "Problems" so they discontinued it "For the time being". I've heard of several break-ins across the ...Full review of Villas of Cordova
Rated Bad:Office Staff
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Woodridge Apartments
(formerly Hilltop)
1900 Burton Drive, Austin, TX 78741
Jan 28, 2011 - Larrkin84 said:
I lived here from September '04 until February '07 and every year just got progressively worse. I think my car got broken into at least 4 times, and most times they didn't even take anything! Yeah, it's on the east side but that doesn't give the apartment complex an excuse for being apathetic when it comes to their tenants property. Wouldn't move back here if you ...Full review of Woodridge Apartments
Rated Good:Grounds
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Bouldin Creek Apartments
(formerly Willows Apartments & Willowick Apartments)
600 South 1st Street, Austin, TX 78704
Aug 10, 2011 - treme said:
if you're thinking about Bouldin Creek or any other property managed by Rainier in Austin, do yourself a just and think twice. I would rate Rainier Management zero in customer service. And don't count on getting any of your deposit refunded to you, instead I am almost certain you will owe them something upon your move out. Even though my roommate and I painted our bedrooms, we ...Full review of Bouldin Creek Apartments
According to 100% of reviewers small dogs are allowed
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Rutland Place Apartments
1711 Rutland Dr, Austin, TX 78758
Dec 2, 2011 - -Anonymous- said:
This place seems alright, but stay there for a day and you will realize how ghetto this place is. Neighbors are noisy and always eyeing up what you got, to steal it! Countless units have been broken into. One night some druggy tried breaking into my place. My loud --- pitbul didn't even scare this dude, seriously? I fell asleep clutching my piece I was so damn scared. Management ...Full review of Rutland Place Apartments
Rated Bad:SafetyGroundsOffice StaffMaintenance
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South Point Apartments
6808 S I H 35, Austin, TX 78745
Jan 28, 2014 - -Anonymous- said:
Don't move here! If you like to hear people screaming for their life this is the place for you. Multiple assaults and break ins happen in this parking lot. I've witnessed 6 in one year. When I speak to the police, they tell me this is a dangerous complex and are there all the time. Some of the other things are : water regularly turned off for up to 2 days with no notice, almost no ...Full review of South Point Apartments
Rated Bad:SafetyNoiseGroundsConstruction
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