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Apartment Ratings and Reviews in Austin, TX

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Mauna Kai Austin

405 East 31st Street, Austin, TX 78705

06/21/12 by anonymous: I was cursed with the displeasure of living in an apartment this complex for the last year. I could go into enormous detail about the problems that I had with this apartment, but I'll just highlight a few here. Parking: The parking here really sucks. A lot of the spots up front are hard to get in and out of due to the abundance of storm drains, and the back is in horrible condition. I more


Oak Creek Village Apartments

2324 Wilson St, Austin, TX 78704

08/26/12 by monica1200: I just want to give THANK'S to Oak Creek Village Apt for New management.THANK you HUD for bringing & New people too Help Us the people the RESIDENTS. I also want to give out BEST WISH'S & PRAY'ER for the up coming CASE against FLORANCE LOTT.It"s about time we get people NEW landlord &ASST Maryann that believe and making a better LIVING COMMUNITY for OAK CREEK VILLAGE JOB WELL DONE more


Trails Of Walnut Creek

11511 Metric Blvd, Austin, TX 78758

04/02/14 by anonymous: Good convenient location, however management ignored many maintenance requests. Many problems they saw as minor" were blatantly ignored. Suzie in the front office is completely useless. When the manager Lacey is there you have to repeatedly hound her to even get a response. Pool was never clean, and parking sucked especially if you get home anytime after 9. No major complaints from more


Volente Villas

11908 Volente Road, Austin, TX 78726

08/16/11 by volvox: Our unit was entered on several occasions without notice or permission during the day when we were not around. This was a shocking and frightening revelation. We later spoke to neighbors who also expressed the same problem. Staff maybe entering and going though their tenets belongings. Office management is raciest and add extra fees to the rent every month. They claim pet friendly but more


Anderson Mill Oaks Apartments

10707 Lake Creek Pkwy, Austin, TX 78750

09/17/12 by anonymous: This place was called the tin roof apartments back in the 80's when I was a teen. It was a mix of families and drug dealers. Seems it hasn't changed much. more


08/10/11 by treme: if you're thinking about Bouldin Creek or any other property managed by Rainier in Austin, do yourself a just and think twice. I would rate Rainier Management zero in customer service. And don't count on getting any of your deposit refunded to you, instead I am almost certain you will owe them something upon your move out. Even though my roommate and I painted our bedrooms, we more


Club Creek Apartments

502 W Longspur Blvd, Austin, TX 78753

01/09/13 by anonymous: Renters beware!!! If you don't mind sharing your apartment with ROACHES.... Management probably thinks I wasn't going to write a review BUT they are wrong!! I resided in the back building and the WHOLE building is infested with ROACHES, 7 months later with the help of GOD and several organizations I was out of there with no fees!! YOU are entitled and have the right to live in a pest more


Congress Square Apartments

500 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

10/19/13 by anonymous: Don't lease here! When I moved in I had nothing but postive to say about Congress Square Apts. There was a great manager by the name of Faryl,she actually cared about the residents,the property and the company she worked for,things went smoothly.She adressed your concerned as a resident and had things repaired promptly,she at least looked you in the eye when you walked into the more


Cornerstone Apartments (formerly Camino Real)

2810 Salado Street, Austin, TX 78705

04/25/13 by Was LIED to the moment I signed the lease to this hell. This place dosent even earn a star but I cant rank any lower than 1 star. We were shown a huge 2 bedroom, 2 bath for around $600. The show unit had Adventure Time drawing on all its windows and looked really fun! Thought it was great and they allowed pets so me and my roommate went for it. When we paid our first half of the rent to more


Cross Creek Apartments

1124 Rutland Dr, Austin, TX 78758

09/12/12 by anonymous: Two words. Identity theft. I have never lived here yet the managers son was my boss and gave her the info to get someone in that didn't have credit more


Fiesta Place Apartments

4200 Avenue A, Austin, TX 78751

08/19/14 by anonymous: The office staff (including senior manager Debbie) is arrogant, rude and indifferent. They only care about your money. They never say sorry, never apologize, never show any empathy to their tenants. If you have a problem other than maintenance they just dismiss it with the most obnoxious attitude you could imagine. There is no property manager on the site, so you do have to deal with the main more


Huntington Meadows (formerly Gardens of Decker Lake)

7000 Decker Lane, Austin, TX 78724

08/03/13 by The manager is so weak, he can't even control little kids that are playing around! The apartment has bugs and spiders and huge roaches and ants everywhere, laundry's are trashy and dirty and the walls and windows are broken down, nothing works really! If you go walk around the apartment you'll see trash everywhere and kids smoking, and bottles of beer and wine more


Jefferson Commons at Town Lake

1109 South Pleasant Valley Road, Austin, TX 78741

08/11/11 by susanalbertson: My son picked up his keys today. Beware of what you are signing. They make you sign a lease before you even fill out an application. We were shown a very nice model. I have over 30 pictures of the condition of his apartment when he moved in today. They told us they won't clean his carpet because he accepted the apartment "as is". I asked them to show me where his lease says more


La Casita

2900 Cole Street, Austin, TX 78705

06/30/12 by anonymous: These apartments are terrible. The interiors are out of date. The ACs are barely functional. There is no insulation so the temperature fluctuates constantly and you can hear the highway like you're standing in the middle of it. There are more little issues with the apartment itself than I can even list here but the real issue is the management. They are lazy and incompetent. They do not return more


Lafayette Landing

1835 Burton Dr, Austin, TX 78741

04/17/13 by anonymous: I absolute HATE this place! The is little Mexico in the SLUMS! I currently live here and moved here because I just moved to Austin and got misled by their video and floor plans! The apartments look very old and it is absolutely GHETTO! They can walk into your apartment at ANY time. Maria is the Assistant manager and she is absolutely USELESS! We have a BEDBUG INFESTATION, mexicans are playing more


10/02/12 by anonymous: It's the tail end of 2012 and this one is long overdue for this place. In 2005, you paid for all utilities plus the rent. Since 2008 when everything tanked, the original owner of this place killed himself and supposedly they have no money for maintenance. LIES! This is a publicly traded stock, They have MONEY up the ying-yang! You need to know Texas Landlord/Tenant rules for more


Malibu Apartments

8600 North Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX 78753

07/09/12 by anonymous: Please dont move in here warning these apartments were renovated they use to be called malibu they are horrible i lived here only a week and there are bed bugs i had to throw away my bed and all my furniture please dont be fooled. There is never no parking space and the manager is never there she is just plain lazy! Such a small place not worth it i also had roaches and fleas!!!! more


Northchase Apartments

306 W Rundberg Ln, Austin, TX 78753

02/25/14 by anonymous: 2014 the apartment complex has new owners and new management. Makes no difference, still a terrible place to live. Not only is located in the getto but management want to pretend is a upscale complex, but yet they hire cheap labor who does not have any common sense and create hazards noise and disappointment. i do not recommend this place by all means. if you have the time look else where. more


Pastures Apartments

2207 S 5th St, Austin, TX 78704

01/10/11 by anonymous: Remember, posting commentary online is never truly anonymous. While you name may not be displayed, the legal system provide means to reveal and hold liable any parties who violate others rights. more


Rutland Place Apartments

1711 Rutland Dr, Austin, TX 78758

12/02/11 by anonymous: This place seems alright, but stay there for a day and you will realize how ghetto this place is. Neighbors are noisy and always eyeing up what you got, to steal it! Countless units have been broken into. One night some druggy tried breaking into my place. My loud ass pitbul didn't even scare this dude, seriously? I fell asleep clutching my piece I was so damn scared. Management more

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