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High Point Village
2400 Wickersham Ln, Austin, TX 78741
Dec 13, 2013 - Discreet5000 said:
These Apartments are flooded with illegals. I never seen the actual manager. Police are in these apartments around threettimes a week it looks like they pocket the renovation money than renovate. Their maintenance workers are sub par, I ddon't you are qualified when you write the door numbers in marker on the lights (cheap as hell) their are probably 10 people to an apartment. Laundry ...Full review of High Point Village
Rated Bad:Office StaffSafetyConstructionGrounds
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Towne Oaks II
(formerly Three Fountains Apartments)
615 East Wonsley Drive, Austin, TX 78753
Mar 8, 2014 - -Anonymous- said:
Towne Oaks II has a lot of character, that's what initially drew us in. The grounds have a New Orleans-French-Quarter-look; the courtyard is very serene and feels secluded from the outside world... which is good because the street accessing the complex is pretty shady. Not a nice place to walk around at night, only leave the complex by car. The surrounding neighborhood is pretty bad. ...Full review of Towne Oaks II
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Longbranch Apartments
401 Masterson Pass, Austin, TX 78753
Nov 27, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
I moved in to these apartments as an occupant rooming with a friend and my initial impression was the place just had a bad rep. I was wrong, after about a week of staying I discoverd that our unit not only had a cockroach infestation but also about 2 rodents living with us! the insulation in the building was awful, The main problem and most important of all was the water, when I first ...Full review of Longbranch Apartments
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Tintara at Canyon Creek
(formerly Jefferson Lakes & Jefferson Canyon)
7655 North FM 620, Austin, TX 78726
Mar 27, 2014 - Hollyfalbers said:
First the bad : Parking can be a pain if you come home anytime after 7 pm.. Maintenance has also been an issue for us because we have always had to call more than once to get someone to come out. Usually it's never fixed on the first try, so we will call a third time and finally get the maintenance supervisor to come out and fix it properly. Sometimes dog owners won't clean up after ...Full review of Tintara at Canyon Creek
Rated Good:GroundsMaintenanceSafety
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Estates On Quarry Lake
4600 Seton Center Pkwy, Austin, TX 78759
Mar 5, 2014 - -Anonymous- said:
Let me tell you a story about a seemingly great apartment screws you over when you leave. My boyfriend and I moved in Feb. of 2013. We were in love with the place and the whole complex not to mention the staff is wonderful, especially Jim. For the first month or so we would get little things at out door with cute little notes. Like starbursts with a note attacted that said "we hope you are ...Full review of Estates On Quarry Lake
Rated Good:GroundsSafetyNoiseMaintenance
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