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Austin Apartments

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Cameron Greens

5700 Cameron Rd, Austin, TX 78723

10/28/12 by anonymous: I was doing fine living in these apartments until they decided to build a playground in close proximity to people's apartments. I can hear children screaming well into the night, and it is a huge nuisance. Aside from that, kids go upstairs and stomp around. Often, I will have people come and knock on my door trying to sell things, or talk about religion. I never open the door more


Chateau Duval

3106 Duval Street, Austin, TX 78705

01/28/13 by anonymous: This place was awful. I lived here during my first year of graduate school from the summer of 2010-summer of 2011. The location was amazing and the apartment was nice and bright and spacious, but other than that it was the worst living experience I've ever had. 1) Despite the fact that they had "new" AC units, my AC didn't work correctly the entire time I lived here. more


Grove Place Apartments

1881 Grove Boulevard, Austin, TX 78741

02/01/12 by anonymous: I lived there for a year. My apartment was broken into and nothing was done. Their security system is a joke. Even their drop box (at the office) was broken into and they were making all the tenants (even with proof of payment) to pay the rent again. My lease was up in December 2011 and I could not wait to get out. I had heard stories about the previous managers being horrible but the ones they more


2020 Apartments (formerly Chateaux De Ville Apartments)

2020 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

07/09/08 by anonymous: So I lived there with a friend for a few months before his lease was up. Not only did the heat and air-conditioning not work, there was a terrible bug problem, the management was thoughtless, careless, pretentious and rude, and the noise from the neighboring bar is an every night thing (good luck renting that to yuppies, we noticed during SXSW they didnt show the condos more


Chaparosa Apartments

3110 Red River St, Austin, TX 78705

09/09/13 by anonymous: Management (Christina) is a pain to deal with. I would suggest keep well-documented records and pictures of any communication you have with them (a good practice in general). When it comes time to move out they will take as much out of your deposit as possible, so the more items you keep documented as evidence the better. In general, they are very shady to deal with. The actual units are more


Longhorn Landing

1515 Wickersham, Austin, TX 78741

06/03/13 by UnHappyRenter10-13: My son has lived in the complex since 2010. The only reason he did not move out is because of the cost of moving again and he's an easy going person that just chose to ignore the problems. ead I came in for Family Weekend for UT in Oct 2012 and was very surprised to find that his roommate was a pot head who had his girlfriend living in the room with him. I went to the apt management and more


Terraces at Southpark Meadows

10101 South 1st Street, Austin, TX 78748

12/12/13 by anonymous: This was by far the worst apartment that my girlfriend and I have ever lived at and we ve lived at some less desirable places on Riverside in college. Nothing, though comes close to the Terraces. Although a great location and decent appearance, don't be fooled. During the one year we lived there (the year couldn t go by any faster), we had our car towed and three lamp fixtures more


Aspenwood Apartments

4539 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78751

08/05/12 by hataylor: It is my opinion that everyone else writing these reviews is certifiable, or expects a decently-priced apartment to live like a luxury condo. I loved living here and I miss it every day. The laundry room is, I'll admit, a little dated. But there's plenty of parking, the location is great, and maintenance always responded pretty promptly to the few problems I had with more


LoneStar Lofts (formerly Ashford Apartments)

2408 Leon Street, Austin, TX 78705

07/03/13 by anonymous: The entire complex is really nice. The rooms are large and spacious, but the management and 512 realty are HORRENDOUS. I have lived here for two years and the list of negatives is never-ending. They will charge you $75 if you leave a bag of trash outside your door for an hour or two. They will also charge you a $65 late fee per day when your rent is late, even if it is not late-- they more


Park Lane Villas

1720 Woodward St, Austin, TX 78741

03/10/13 by anonymous: Who else will give you a two bedroom townhouse for $810? I did a lot of research and at this time, this is one of the cheapest places that you can walk around at night. These apartments are OLD, ALL old apartments have issues. Good thing is for the most part, management is willing to fix it. Also renovating with new counters, cabinets, paint, wood floors, ect so soon more

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