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(formerly Austin View, Worthing Hills, Willow Creek Hills)
1911 Willow Creek Drive, Austin, TX 78741
Apr 4, 2014 - -Anonymous- said:
When I moved in in August everything seemed fine. I told them that my last apartment had a horrible roach problem and they assured me that wouldn't be the case here. After we signed the lease and started moving in they informed us that there was going to be construction happening by my apartment, but that it was going to happen "really quickly." Here I am 7 months later. ...Full review of Elevation
13 Reviews
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Fountain Terrace Apartments
610 W 30th St, Austin, TX 78705
Mar 28, 2014 - -Anonymous- said:
It's alright, rent is increasing. It's not bad, but nothing special. The apartments are quite old, the water pressure is sometimes quite bad (especially on the 2nd floor); if someone else is taking a shower at the same time my water somewhat disappears. Poor insulation in building (an feel the cold air coming in from my closed window). The garden is nice, but the inside ...Full review of Fountain Terrace Apartments
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13 Reviews
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Platinum Southside
625 East Stassney Lane, Austin, TX 78745
Mar 10, 2014 - -Anonymous- said:
First off, none of the reviews I've read for Platinum (bad or good) seem very accurate. Firstly, the parking issues reported in other reviews all seem either exaggerated or completely untrue. Yes, it can be difficult to find parking at night, but there has never been any circumstance under which I've had to consider parking at the Jimmy John's across the street. The ...Full review of Platinum Southside
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Rated Bad:Parking
11 Reviews
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Brentwood Townhomes
5506 Grover Avenue, Austin, TX 78756
Jul 1, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
I like the location and size of these apartments but I have had so many plumbing and maintenance issues that living here has not been a good experience. My problems started the day I moved in and have continued for the 8 months that I have lived here. Communication with maintenance is often a challenge as well, making these problems more difficult because they're not being fixed ...Full review of Brentwood Townhomes
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Rated Bad:Office Staff
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Grant Villa Apartments
3706 Goodwin Ave, Austin, TX 78721
Sep 10, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
I am a tenant of Goodwin Apartments use to be called Grant Villa and have been here for going on 5 years. I have seen it improve overtime by adding patrol, enforced towing, and cameras. Over the years we have seen a few employees come and go up until a few months ago. New mgr is awesome! Maintenance gets things taken care of in a timely manner, And I see things are FINALLY turning ...Full review of Grant Villa Apartments
Rated Bad:NoiseOffice StaffGroundsMaintenance
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