3106 Duval Street, Austin, TX 78705
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From: -Anonymous-
Date posted: 1/28/2013
Years at this apartment: 2010 - 2011
This place was awful. I lived here during my first year of graduate school from the summer of 2010-summer of 2011. The location was amazing and the apartment was nice and bright and spacious, but other than that it was the worst living experience I've ever had.

1) Despite the fact that they had "new" AC units, my AC didn't work correctly the entire time I lived here. During the summers the apartment held steady between 83-85 degrees Fahrenheit as long as I turned the AC dial all the way down as low as possible. It was often so hot I could barely sleep at night and I spent as little time home as I could. I called the office several times and the maintenance staff eventually told me, "Well, it's just kind of an older building, so that's to be expected." The situation was never remedied.

2) The walls are paper thin. I lived on the top floor, but I heard EVERYTHING my neighbor below me did. Talking to his girlfriend on skype? Heard every single word. Playing bongos at 2 in the morning? Didn't sleep. Playing video games? It sounds like a war zone in my bedroom. Smoking weed and cigarettes in his room? My place smelled like pot/cigs for a year. (By the way, I called an complained about this, but nothing changed. They DO allow smoking, despite what they claim in their leases. Be prepared to have your wardrobe smell like stale cigarettes even if you don't smoke.)

3) The plumbing was often backed up in the shower for whatever reason, even though I used a little covering to catch my hair before it could go down the drain. Once maintenance came and snaked it and then seriously didn't clean up. There was weird goo all over my entire bathroom and it stained my shower curtain, etc. So, if you get something fixed, just remember maintenance will leave without cleaning up after themselves.

4) I had a fancy U-lock on my bike, but it was stolen the first weekend, along with most of the bikes on the bike rack. Beware: this place is not safe. Also, my door didn't ever completely close. I could lock it okay, but there was a visible space around the door frame because it was so poorly fit, so you could see the sun shining through every day! The windows are easy to jimmy open even when they're "locked", so be prepared to sleep with pepper spray if you worry at all about safety.

Last updated: 1/28/2013

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