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02/01/2014Unfortunately I signed my lease before looking at the unit. I was needing an apartment fast and needed it on the first floor. These apartments are affordable however if I knew there were going to have this many problems I would NEVER have moved here. Trust me, I was VARY tempted to break this lease even before moving in. First of all, inspect the unit before you move in and be sure to turn on the lights so you will be able to visibly see any issues with the unit. I didn't see any major problem until I started painting ... Full ReviewNO1.0
04/15/2014The roaches here are really bad, the grounds are not kept up...if you have any issues, forget having them resolved. New construction doesn't look better than the old...half done work. People steal cars, they steal things off of your porch, ... Full ReviewNO1.0
11/20/2013I love my apartment at SILVER SPRINGS. I don't know about roaches...I do NOT have any in my apartment. The office staff are very nice, they are getting things together. It's just that they needed to get adjusted.I asked that ... Full ReviewYES3.0
11/12/2013This place was falling apart before, now it is worse than ever since the new people took over. I can't wait for my lease to be up. Roaches everywhere, bed bugs, maintenance is awful, the office people don't know anything. ... Full ReviewNO1.0
06/24/2013I have lived in this apartment since October 2012. I cannot wait to move out. I arrived in Austin in 2010 and my first apartment were IMT Anderson Mill and i regret every day that i decided to move out ... Full ReviewNO1.0
06/11/2013 First of all any of the reviews that have given this...NO1.0
05/06/2013 I don't usually do these reviews/ratings things. I...NO3.0
03/23/2013 Sliver Springs has been a great experience so far. Staff...YES5.0
03/08/2013 I have been extremely pleased with Silver Springs. I...YES5.0
03/08/2013 I have been here since October 2012 and still here. This...YES5.0
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Silver Springs is an apartment community located in Austin , TX . It has also been known as Windcrest Apartments . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Silver Springs (formerly Windcrest Apartments) ( 0.0 miles), Crickett Hollow Apartments ( 0.7 miles), and Colonial Grand at Onion Creek ( 0.9 miles).

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