2099 Dowlen Rd, Beaumont, TX 77706
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From: -Anonymous-
Date posted: 6/23/2009
Years at this apartment: 2008 - 2009
The apartment itself is nice but not nice enough to pay that amount of rent... The maintenance is not very quick to respond... I had a broken window for weeks and they forgot about it, so i had ended up fixing it myself. Sometimes they wait too long to cut the grass where you're supposed to let your dogs out... And what lives in tall grass?? Ticks!! Its supposed to be a gated community, but the gate is broken 80% of the time. I had VERY loud upstairs neighbors, that would fight and scream and break things through all hours of the night, i had to call the cops on them twice... And the apartment manager did nothing about them. And when those neighbors complained about our dogs barking, he told me my dogs were not supposed to be a nuisence!! I paid a $500 pet deposit!! Dogs are gonna bark!! We didnt have covered parking for 9 months because the hurricane took it down and they never put it back up. I cleaned for hours and steamed the carpet when we moved out, and they charged me another $200 to clean and steam the apartment again... So dont bother cleaning the apartment because they're going to charge you to clean it again anyway. He said it was because it still smelled like dog... Again i paid $500 to have my dogs, its gonna smell like dogs. I bet it still does even after they cleaned it for a second time!!! When we moved out, we couldnt get into our house for 3 days after our lease was up so we asked if could stay there those 3 days... he said he get back with us. He never called so at the day before the lease was up we called him again... He said we could stay the extra 3 days. NEVER said anything about being charged for it! Otherwise i would have found a family member to stay with... So the apartment is pretty and everything but you have to deal with alot of unpleasantness!!!!

Last updated: 6/23/2009

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