11800 Grant Rd, Cypress, TX 77429
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04/09/2014I wouldn't recommend this place to a homeless cat! The side walks are all uneven and they flood when it rains. I asked them for two years to fix the gutter because my porch floods when it rains. They haven't even looked at the gutter. I was out of town for two weeks getting married and they told my car because the inspection sticker was out by a week. These are horrible horrible apartment and I would really think twice before moving into these apartments. If you have absolutely no other choice do not sign a long-term agreement was you ... Full ReviewNO1.0
03/15/2014Enough is enough this apartment has put my family health at risk I have contacted the office about something was chewing through my stairs one night when I arrived home and turned on the lights we were approached by a ... Full ReviewNO3.0
01/29/2014This Place is the worst...Police are here more than they are at the police station. From car theft and car break ins to home break ins and if they dont steal your car the crooked wrecker drivers will tow your ... Full ReviewNO1.0
10/14/2013If I were you I would hesitate on committing to a long lease term here rumor has it they're making a lot of changes and when apartments make changes it usually means a mess. I also heard this company might ... Full ReviewNO3.0
09/26/2013So, I'm going to keep this real with everyone. I am on fence about this place, leaning towards not leasing again if they don't tidy up their act. First things first Maintenance is amazing! Yes it will take a few ... Full ReviewNO2.0
09/20/2013 The leasing office staff changes every week because they...NO3.0
08/14/2013 AIMCO apartments Villages in the Woods does not care...NO1.0
08/14/2013 After stay here for almost 3 years I have reached my...NO1.0
07/28/2013 DON'T DO IT!!!!!! The only people who ever took care...NO1.0
07/23/2013 This place is terrible. The manager has no idea what she...NO1.0
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Village In The Woods Apartment is an apartment community located in Cypress , TX . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Lakewood West Apartment ( 0.1 miles), Stonegate Villas Apartments ( 0.9 miles), and Central Park Regency ( 1.1 miles).

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