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Trianon by Windsor
(formerly Trianon Uptown Apartments)
2820 McKinnon Street, Dallas, TX 75201
Oct 6, 2013 - funcharley@hotmail.com said:
Windsor properties claim to be upscale with superior service. Trianon is inconsistent at best. In my time there I had two relatively minor issues that I needed help with. When I told the office staff of my problems, their response was a shrug and a "sorry, can't help you." They couldn't wait to get me out of the office so they could get back to sitting idly at their ...Full review of Trianon by Windsor
Rated Good:ParkingMaintenanceGroundsSafety
26 Reviews
31% Recommended
Windsor at Turtle Creek
2217 Ivan Street, Dallas, TX 75201
Jan 22, 2014 - Prada22 said:
Would you like some cheese with your whining? I have never read such BS in my life? Yes, parking is tough. Yes, you might hear your neighbors sometimes. Yes, there might be a bike theft now and then. WELCOME TO LIFE PEOPLE!! You have chosen to live in a 15 story hirise with 300 units in the 5th fastest growing city in the U.S. This isn't Mayberry. In case you haven't ...Full review of Windsor at Turtle Creek
Rated Good:MaintenanceGroundsNoiseSafety
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6910 Skillman Street, Dallas, TX 75231
Apr 9, 2014 - Filmon.Habte@yahoo.com said:
HORRIBLE !! Parking is narrow and tight, messed my car up 3 times within the last year. The apartment complex is shady and clever on how to manipulate the people who moved out cause their lease was up. I suggest not to live here specially for the price you will be paying. ...Full review of Everwood
Rated Bad:Parking
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Timberglen Apartments
3773 Timberglen Road, Dallas, TX 75287
Jul 17, 2013 - Nekodani said:
HORRIBLE. DO NOT GIVE THESE CROOKS YOUR MONEY! Let me just go from start to finish with this place. When we first moved in it was wonderful. I thought we had made a great decision. This quickly went downhill. The neighbors were terrible (save for a very few) and the office staff is a joke. First off, when we moved into our apartment the dishwasher did not work. We had to wait 2 MONTHS for it ...Full review of Timberglen Apartments
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Lodge at Timberglen
3440 Timberglen Road, Dallas, TX 75287
Nov 2, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
I would rather be homeless to EVER live here again!!!! VERY Poor management, I waited almost 15 minutes before the manager decided to show up to work. The office refused to give me the number to their corporate office, even when I sent them a letter asking for the information. According to Texas Property Code, by law, they were required to release that information to me. They were ...Full review of Lodge at Timberglen
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