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Gables Turtle Creek Cityplace
3711 Cole Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204
Sep 17, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
Rudest staff ever, they constantly talk down to you and act irritable to any problems you have. Truly money hungry and find any way to squeeze money from their tenants. They ruthlessly tow without informing you of their parking policies beforehand, enter apartments without informing tenants, and the so called "24 hour maintenance" is a total sham. I had to negotiate with ...Full review of Gables Turtle Creek Cityplace
Rated Bad:Parking
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20% Recommended
Marquis at Turtle Creek
3001 Sale Street, Dallas, TX 75219
May 17, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
I went to tour this community a few days ago and was so taken back by the office staff that even though I was extremely pleased with the lay out of the apartment I would never think twice about leasing there. The first time I attempted to tour I couldn't find parking ANYWHERE. So, I went inside and asked the leasing agent what was the best solution and she shrugged her shoulders at me and ...Full review of Marquis at Turtle Creek
Rated Good:NoiseParkingConstructionMaintenance
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Adam Hats Lofts
2700 Canton Street, Dallas, TX 75226
Feb 13, 2013 - WoofWoofJG said:
Management is obviously more conserved with the bottom line the providing their residents a safe and enjoyable home. We had AC issues that took several months to repair while they are "waiting for quotes", several weeks later they repaired the AC. But after not being able to stay in our home (it was 90 indoors for 2 weeks) but they never adjust our rent to compensate us for not being ...Full review of Adam Hats Lofts
Rated Good:ParkingMaintenanceSafetyGrounds
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20% Recommended
Cedar Springs Crossroads
4777 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas, TX 75219
Sep 28, 2006 - -Anonymous- said:
I have lived here almost 2 years - I moved in due to the cheap rent special I was offered as well as an unbelievably low deposit. I have been waiting 2 years to get things repaired that I have complained about. No response! Thank god I keep a copy of all my correspondence to the office. We have been promised so much by David (the assistant manager) which we have never received - i.e. security ...Full review of Cedar Springs Crossroads
Rated Good:ParkingNoise
Rated Bad:Maintenance
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Post Vineyard
3015 Cole Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204
Jun 14, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
This apartment complex should called post veterinary not Vineyard, the reason because every single apt have Pets, not only one some have several, there is no restriction from management for size and how many pounds dog should be!!! believe it or not there are so many dogs big like half height of medium tall man!!! the pets owner never control their pets inside complex when they ...Full review of Post Vineyard
Rated Good:Noise
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