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Montecito Creek
(formerly Stoney Creek Apartments)
11333 Amanda Lane, Dallas, TX 75238
Feb 8, 2014 - monticeto2008 said:
In 2005 I moved to Monticeto Creek Apartments located in Dallas, Texas. At first everything was find until things started breaking around the apartment. I was very patient and continue to pay my rent on time and faithly. I then noticed that each time it rain puddles of water will build up around the doorway. I complain to Andrea who was the manager at that time about the concerns regarding ...Full review of Montecito Creek
24 Reviews
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Artisan Ridge
5480 Preakness Lane, Dallas, TX 75211
Mar 12, 2014 - -Anonymous- said:
PSA: DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! dont fall for the exterior &/or the smiling mgrs.the apts has bn through 5 mgrs since signing my lease 2011. when i finally moved into the apt, the mgr tht i 1st encountered was no longer there. cnt wait til my lease is up 06/2014. loose rabid dogs, 1* over filled trash bin, lying, scandalous, conniving mgrs, EVERY bug & creature infested, ...Full review of Artisan Ridge
Rated Bad:Office StaffParking
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Ivanhoe Apartments
8900 Park Lane, Dallas, TX 75231
Apr 22, 2013 - nichelleaht@yahoo.com said:
I hate these apartments with a passion!!! They don't fix anything in a timely manner. They towed my car from the apartments. People argue and fight over here late at night. My stove had been broke the whole 6mts we been living here and finally they came a replaced it. The manager is a sorry careless man. This weekend our water was off....no notice or nothing. I wish we never moved here. ...Full review of Ivanhoe Apartments
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Solana Ridge
8039 Chariot Drive, Dallas, TX 75227
Sep 19, 2013 - BewareOfSolana said:
The most disgusting apartments I have ever lived in. I have never written a bad review before, but this complex truly deserves one. The staff is horrible, lazy, and does absolutely nothing to solve maintenance issues. They have entered my home on several occasions without notice. I have personally witnessed them sneak into apartments and rob clothing, stereos and other items. I ...Full review of Solana Ridge
Rated Bad:Safety
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18% Recommended
Buena Vista Townhomes
4006 Altoona Drive, Dallas, TX 75233
Oct 2, 2013 - farasha said:
DO NOT MOVE HERE!! They lost our rent check all the time and then charged late fees or filed eviction claiming we had not paid our rent. Someone broke out one of our windows and it took the office FOUR MONTHS to send someone from maintenance to fix it. The water heater burst in our neighbor's apartment and there was significant water damage on the ceiling and the wall but they never sent ...Full review of Buena Vista Townhomes
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