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Apartment Ratings and Reviews in Dallas, TX

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Champions of North Dallas

49808 Haverwood Lane, Dallas, TX 75287

09/16/14 by KPCP: I'm a former resident of COND. I saw a great improvement over the three years we lived there. When we first moved in there, the mgmt and maintenance were fine, but there were residents living there that were noisy, slobs, loitering, etc. The owners/mgmt "cleaned out" several undesirables and the loitering stopped, which increased safety. I feel they've made great more


Marquis of State Thomas

2400 Thomas Avenue, Dallas, TX 75201

07/16/14 by sheri05: This is a great place to live. The location is AWESOME! So close to all the bars and restaurants on McKinney Ave., yet tucked away in a quiet neighborhood with tree lined streets and nice sidewalks, perfect for walking your dog. Erica, the assistant manager is always pleasant to deal with. She will make sure any work order is taken care of, is meticulous about making sure the residents are happy more


Taylors Farm

1150 Pinnacle Park Blvd., Dallas, TX 75211

09/19/14 by anonymous: THIS PLACE IS HORRIBLE! Save your money, time, and energy and go live at Churchill or something. more


The Merce' (formerly Trails on Knoll Trail)

15678 Knoll Trail, Dallas, TX 75248

07/31/14 by chriskiniry: The happiest day here will be when I move out! Just like Jenna Campbell's review on Google, I got my car towed without notice. I have lived at the merce for 5 years and paid for a parking spot the whole time. When I got a new car it got towed from my spot because I didn't have parking sticker yet. Give me a break! Management is unresponsive to help me. Thanks for not helping me at all more


Woodside Apartments

13660 CF Hawn Freeway, Dallas, TX 75253

08/07/14 by jayboi85: These are possibly the worst apts in the area. Everyone complains about the a/c not cooling in the summer. It is drug infested. Mgmt is horrible and rude. And they tow cars all the time for mistakes the office has made.They are old have a funny smell and are small. If I put a ball in my kitchen it will roll to the middle of my living area. Bugs are everywhere, its basically the projects. Loud more


Sage Creek Ranch

3939 Rosemeade Parkway, Dallas, TX 75287

06/10/14 by lisa wallace: Very unpleasant. Strict on what you can put on balcony. If your neighbors leave trash out and know one Owens up to it you all have to pay a 75 dollar fee. Washers in laundry room never cleaned. Only dumpsters are way in the back corner. Parking sucks. Drug dealing. Moved as soon as I could. Did not feel safe. Good luck on getting deposit back within 30 days. more


Seville Apartments

10651 Steppington Drive, Dallas, TX 75230

08/22/14 by PimpSkirt: GREETINGS!! I Have lived at the Seville for almost 2 years. There is only ONE complaint that I have had about the property and it has been long resolved. When I first moved in, there was one main person in staff that had clearly been there for a while and in addition there were rotating "assistants". For some reason, under the "main" person's administration (if you more


Turnberry Isle

15190 Prestonwood Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75240

09/19/14 by Renter-TurnberryIsle: Do NOT to rent at Turnberry Isle, owned by Gaines Investment Trust. They lack humanity and have shown time and time again that they do NOT care about their residents. From Day 1, everything that could go wrong, has. Including: -- I can only have A/C -OR- Heat. When it starts to get cold, they literally have to "turn on" my heat. Manually. Same thing in the spring to get A/C. I have more


City North (formerly Alexan City North)

7373 Valley View Lane, Dallas, TX 75240

07/21/14 by shanooney: I just moved into a gorgeous one bedroom here and I LOVE it!!! The staff is very polite, responsive, and courteous. The assistant manager Kaitlyn is the person to talk to about any problems, she takes her job very seriously, and stays on top of a problem until it's resolved. The maintenance staff is also very efficient and helpful. This place is fantastic!! more


Hue at Cityplace (formerly Cityplace, Quarters at Cityplace)

2403 North Washington Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204

12/02/13 by anonymous: Lets see where to start Parking there is generally always parking in the complex. Now as for parking security that is a totally different thing there is always a pan handler asking for change from people waiting in line to swipe there card. I mean always around the 430-5 range he then walks over to Taco Bell waits a little while then comes back over to ask for change. Now the plastic gate they more

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