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Th Lofts at Mockingbird Station
5331 East Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, TX 75206
Oct 3, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
I moved out of Mockingbird Station in 2010, but thought I should still write a review. Overall, the building is pretty nice. The units seem to be maintained well and I never had a problem getting things repaired. Getting in/out of the parking garage can be hard at times due to the retail traffic. I had two major problems while living at the Lofts. I went to sign my lease and the lady I ...Full review of Th Lofts at Mockingbird Station
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41 Reviews
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San Mateo Forest Apartments
920 Tenison Memorial Dr, Dallas, TX 75223
Oct 8, 2013 - Wander_Girl said:
I like this complex very much. I've lived in other complexes in Plano and McKinney, but this one is my favorite so far. Pros: It is off the main road and quite hidden (most people who live even a mile away say "I never knew this place existed!"). The complex has gorgeous old trees, and there is a lovely family park within walking distance. The complex was built in the ...Full review of San Mateo Forest Apartments
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34 Reviews
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The Summit at Midtown
(formerly Viewpoint)
10702 Stone Canyon Road, Dallas, TX 75230
Dec 4, 2013 - mattjkvinta said:
Very quiet and well kept. Staff is friendly and helpful ...Full review of The Summit at Midtown
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102 Reviews
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Gates de Provence
3613 Frankford Road, Dallas, TX 75287
Apr 30, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
I have lived here for 4 almost 5 years. Since the new management has taken over; this place has gotten much,much better. The front gates work and they have fixed the spa. This is one of the quietest apartment communities I have lived at. Keep up the good work. ...Full review of Gates de Provence
Rated Good:GroundsConstruction
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(formerly Pear Ridge Creek Apartments)
4750 Pear Ridge Drive, Dallas, TX 75287
Apr 9, 2014 - -Anonymous- said:
I have noticed that within the last few weeks the ratings on this place has risen from the 40's to the 70's. My guess is because the recent entries are clearly fake, and have been done by either friends of the staff or the staff members themselves. This makes me think that this site is no longer reliable as a tool to use when looking for a suitable place to live. First off, let me ...Full review of Creekside
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