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Apartment Ratings and Reviews in Dallas, TX

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4649 Cole Avenue, Dallas, TX 75205

04/23/14 by anonymous: Yes, look up Knoxbridge Apartments. They used to be managed by Gables and we loved it here. CIM group took over and we left. They are awful! RUN! more


Lakedale Apartments

2921 Kendale Dr., Dallas, TX 75220

01/20/12 by anonymous: This is one of the worst places to live. You better be home by 10 pm or you won't get a parking spot even though you have a sticker on your car cause there is not enough parking spaces. You can request for things to get fixed as many times as you like but they don't bother to do anything about it. AC and heat don't work well or for that fact at all. Windows are broken out all over the more


Lakewood Gardens Apartments (formerly Bora Bora Apartments)

5909-17 Gaston Avenue, Dallas, TX 75214

05/29/11 by Do not live here!!!! I only made it through 3 WEEKS into my lease and moved out before the first month was over. Apartment was not ready, bath tub looked like someone had died and rotted in it. ROCAHES ROCHES ROACHES GALORE!!! My car was robbed 3 times in three weeks. Once in the day time someone stole my child carseat. Need crack and heroin? just walk up to the downstair neighbor guys window. more


Lakewood on the Trail

101 N. Brookside Drive, Dallas, TX 75214

Las Brisas Apartments

2749 Northaven Road, Dallas, TX 75229

07/14/09 by anonymous: My family has lived in this complex for over a decade, since it was called Las Brisas (it has been "Sedona Ranch" for over a year now). Since then, management has only changed about three times. When we moved there, it wasn't that great, and it has declined at a steady rate since. The only thing keeping my mother from leaving is the loss of her job. We have one of the more


Lower Swiss Lofts

3106 ??? 3122 Swiss Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204

02/21/06 by anonymous: A very neat place to live, aesthetically. However, be prepared for the owners to ask you to put utilities in your name for your rental property and tenants of other lofts, among other problamatic issues.

We experienced this when there were 2 electric meters in our loft (one for ours and one for another loft) as well as gas meters on our loft. In our rental agreement it was more


Luxar Villas

3110 S. Cockrell Hill Rd, Dallas, TX 75236

10/09/13 by anonymous: Well what I think needs to be done is Corporate needs to get up&go door to door.Ask the residents what is their concerns about management.Don't nobody care about what she riding in...coodos to her.They unprofessional &rude the entire staff.Whoever on here&defending someone who is very unprofessional &you don't stay on the property makes me think it's the manager herself that posted more


Mayan Palms

7526 Hunnicut Road, Dallas, TX 75227

07/30/14 by anonymous: Do not move to Mayan Palms. New Mgmt is very unprofessional and are not knowledgeable. Electrical problems and surroundings are not clean as well as not safe. Third (3) fire in the past three (3) months since I have been here. Will be moving asap..not feeling safe. Very suspicious that there are fire(s) consecutively...for each fire there has been one crazy story after another....I do not forsee more


Montecito Creek

11330 Amanda Lane, Dallas, TX 75238

06/11/14 by anonymous: This place is HORRIBLE. The grounds are a mess, the office staff lie constantly and harass residents, maintenance issues are constant and unresolved, and the employees will just walk into your apartment unannounced and not leave even when you demand that they do. Avoid at all costs. more


Montecito Palms (formerly Sunflower Apartments)

8401 Skillman Street, Dallas, TX 75231

12/06/11 by dfhjnkiy: Yeah the rent is cheap, but so is crime. I lived here for 3 years. The first two were ok. Then they got new management, over and over again. I don't know why but no one stays here long(management) New management sucks, we have a water break every two months, and the water gets cut off. I don't know when is the last time I took a hot bath.I have had so many problems more

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