13350 Maham Road, Dallas, TX 75240
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01/15/2008This complex has gone through many incarnations. From name to management the changes were never ending, when I lived there the management filed bankruptcy, all the residents lost their deposits and it ended up in the hands of someone else. I know I was one of those affected tenants. I could never forget this place, first because of the street which is pronounced like "Mayhem". My first night in the complex I was stopped by a Dallas police officer patrolling the area, he wanted to know why I was there and I told him I had just moved in. He asked ... Full ReviewNO1.0
01/14/2008i have lived in these apartments for 6 months and it has been hell the office workers have the worst additudes do not do any thing these apartments are roach infested you can tell them a million times and they ... Full ReviewNO1.0
11/01/2007this is my first apartment that i've lived in and i'm sure it's the worse apartment that i will ever live in! since i've lived here, nothing has been fixed in my apartment, there is always noise, walls are paper-thin, ... Full ReviewNO1.0
05/16/2007This is the worst apartment I have ever had. I have been stuck here for three years and I am finally getting out. They have had three different management companies and all have been worst than the first. They never ... Full ReviewNO1.0
01/22/2007First off they are all about their own kind. All of the ------ and whites are in the middle of the communtiy whilt the --------- are on the outside watching their cars. Funny! The place is a Roach Motel. When ... Full ReviewNO1.0
02/24/2006 This is the worst place that I have experienced...NO1.0
11/01/2003 I have lived here since before it was called Santa...NO3.0
10/11/2003 I have seen the crime stats that comes from the Dallas...NO1.0
05/08/2003 In the past I would bug bomb my new place just in case....NO1.0
04/25/2003 I knew it was gonna be BAD when I had to bug bomb 3...NO1.0


Santa Clara Apartments is an apartment community located in Dallas , TX . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Carlton Court ( 0.0 miles), Copper Creek Apartments ( 0.1 miles), and Cottonwood Creek Apartments ( 0.2 miles).

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