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Haverstock Hill Apartments
5619 Aldine Bender Rd, Houston, TX 77032
Aug 27, 2012 - -Anonymous- said:
I have lived in Haverstock for 3years and I can honestly say its improved. When I first moved in the apartments somebody got killed at the front gate I was so scared I left for a month. Im from a small city where ive never seen shootings,killings,and dead bodies laying on side walks or in parking lots. I stay to myself im grown and im in my apartment before dark and never come out before ...Full review of Haverstock Hill Apartments
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Stoneleigh Ella Crossing
16350 Ella Blvd, Houston, TX 77090
Apr 6, 2014 - -Anonymous- said:
I moved in 9 months ago. Not the best location but it's close to work for me. I like the apartments - haven't had problems here. When something breaks, the maintenance crew comes quickly to fix it. The pool is nice and quiet. I can hear the neighbors on occasion through the walls or from the breezeway but nothing too bothersome. When I first moved in there was no problem with parking. ...Full review of Stoneleigh Ella Crossing
Rated Good:GroundsMaintenanceConstruction
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Little Nell Apartments
8565 West Sam Houston Parkway S, Houston, TX 77072
Nov 20, 2012 - ngmyke@gmail.com said:
The new manager ------- is a lair, and a racist, who thinks she can use the cops as a weapon to intimidate people and i wish i could get mgt info and i am seeking for a reputable attorney to file a suit on her and the apartment ...Full review of Little Nell Apartments
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Cape Colony Apartments
15035 Westpark Dr, Houston, TX 77082
Oct 19, 2012 - -Anonymous- said:
If you are looking for a cheap apt riddled with people kicking in doors,hanging out all the time, break-ins, car burglaries and a management company that doesn't care, this is the right property for you. In the event of an emergency, there's no way of contacting management...no on-call answering service. Management is quick to explain that they can't do anything ...Full review of Cape Colony Apartments
Rated Good:MaintenanceNoise
19 Reviews
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Greenbriar Park North Apt
818 Richcrest Dr, Houston, TX 77060
Apr 3, 2013 - roctreasclark@yahoo.com said:
I have live in greenbriar for almost a year I like the Apts cause I mind my own business bt they have poor service for the black they want renew my lease never had problems but they do the ------ like that it's full of -------- and -------- thats all they want over here they tow your car parking is horrible the security dnt be at work the lights just be on in the cars and no one is in their ...Full review of Greenbriar Park North Apt
Rated Bad:Office StaffNoiseSafetyMaintenance
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