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Lantern Village Apartments
5815 Gulfton St, Houston, TX 77081
Jan 13, 2014 - -Anonymous- said:
Dont trust all the negative reviews! I have been living here for 2.5 years and everything is almost perfect. Never had any issues. Fast maintenance. Greatest security I've ever seen. Rent paid all utilities isn't that perfect? I have been looking for another apartment complex because I need 2bed 2bath which is not available here at the time I need. Sadly have to move. Nobody who is ...Full review of Lantern Village Apartments
Rated Good:SafetyNoiseMaintenance
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Harvest Hill Apartments
8282 Cambridge St, Houston, TX 77054
Mar 20, 2014 - angutie said:
I will try to be moderately in depth with my review (or at least beyond "this place sux!!"). Some of the stuff from the very beginning I have slightly forgotten, but I will try to give my own experience, while addressing some of the concerns other posts have made. I have lived here with my girlfriend since the end of May 2013, to now. This is the first apartment my girlfriend ...Full review of Harvest Hill Apartments
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Woodlake Townhome Apartments
2600 Westerland Drive, Houston, TX 77063
Apr 21, 2014 - terriblyrepresented said:
(Some background: Moved in at the end of June 2013, 1 bed 1 bath.) I'll try to review each aspect in the order AR presents them to you. ~Parking~ If you live in the highrises in the back, like I do, you'll find the parking is allocated underneath the building. However, this lot floods heavily during a bad storm due to the horrible landscaping of the cement and the lack of ...Full review of Woodlake Townhome Apartments
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Broadmead Apartments
2801 Broadmead Dr, Houston, TX 77025
Sep 16, 2013 - hellojazzikitty said:
Me, my husband and my 10 month old child at the time where living in a 1 bedroom apartment at Broadmead Apartments. My husband and I were both still in college at the time so we needed a place that was low in rent but didn't look too bad and was in a diverse area and close to our school of course. When we found Broadmead we where so happy because it was right across from reliant stadium ...Full review of Broadmead Apartments
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Meadowlands Apartment Homes
12424 Steeple Way Blvd, Houston, TX 77065
Mar 18, 2014 - -Anonymous- said:
I am a former resident. After 2 months I was ready to leave. This is a ghetto environment with mostly section 8 people moving in. The manager Kelly has a favorite picks and evicts those she chooses.. Sandi , is pretty nice but all in all I have had fires on my steps started my children, 6 teens on my step smoking weed just this last Saturday. I have seen major drug transactions. I hate ...Full review of Meadowlands Apartment Homes
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