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Lodge at Shadowlake
12360 Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX 77082
Feb 4, 2014 - 8cupcakes said:
Ive been meaning to write this for a while. When i was looking to move into a new apt, I made a list based on many factors. One of these was online ratings. This meant that this apartment was not on my list (they had bad reviews back the). I actually stopped by to look at these in person on my way to see one on my list. I am so glad I did! The staff in the office has been so kind to me since ...Full review of Lodge at Shadowlake
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Rated Bad:Office Staff
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Brompton Courts Apartments
7510 Brompton St, Houston, TX 77025
Aug 12, 2013 - HoustonMom said:
The water is going to be turned off again in the entire apartment complex this Wednesday, 08/14/13, for at least 8 hours. Last time they turned off the water on July 31, for over 10 hours, again - in the entire apartment complex. No hot or cold water during these shutdowns. Horrible!!! ...Full review of Brompton Courts Apartments
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Cityview Place Apartments
16818 Carl Avenue, Houston, TX 77060
Apr 11, 2014 - Sparkle1181@yahoo.com said:
I have only been staying here since th4 28th of March and I wouldn't recommend these apartments to anyone. The maintenance team suck and some of the office staff has a very bad attitudes. Like, what ever happen to customer service these days? Everytime you call and report something is not working, they always tell you it'll be fixed tomorrow (how many tomorrows are there)? ...Full review of Cityview Place Apartments
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Woodtrail Apartments
9900 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77042
Dec 22, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
The water is brown and the roaches are terrible. I have lived here two years . In that time many of my neighbors have had there car windows broken and there have been several burglaries. Last year someone was murdered. There are gang bangers living here. The Manager and leasing people are rude and nasty. The maintenance people barge in without even knocking. When they get around to fixing ...Full review of Woodtrail Apartments
Rated Good:Parking
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Belmont Apartments
3000 Bissonnet Street, Houston, TX 77005
Apr 9, 2014 - -Anonymous- said:
Pathetic, dishonest, probably against this websites rules. Out of 200 apartments/400 tenants, 1 taker of the free carwash bribe for a positive review!!!!! That says it all to anyone considering this place!!!!! 1 out of 400 is willing to write positive review for Cash$$$ bribe. "The Belmont" Re: Free Car Wash! Plus, Discounted Rent ...Full review of Belmont Apartments
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