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Willowridge Apartments
12800 Dunlap St, Houston, TX 77085
Mar 6, 2014 - rebekah317@live.com said:
Does anyone know how to get the number for the manager's supervisor? When I called and asked for the number she hung up. ...Full review of Willowridge Apartments
Rated Bad:Office StaffParking
According to 100% of reviewers small dogs are allowed According to 100% of reviewers cats are allowed
9 Reviews
10% Recommended
Cambridge Village
12945 South Post Oak, Houston, TX 77045
Feb 8, 2014 - yoyo_bacon@yahoo.com said:
I loved my townhouse and living in cambridge until my next door neighbors started bbq in in frony of my front door. I complained 2 times and they continued to do so.people had partiesbin front of my front door and window as ifbi wasnt there. My van was broken into on may 26 2013 right in frontvof my back door i reported it. I suspect the next door neighbors that i complained on. Of course they ...Full review of Cambridge Village
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Sheffield Square Apartments
14814 Perthshire Road, Houston, TX 77079
Apr 8, 2014 - -Anonymous- said:
My family is still dealing with the health issues caused by our exposure to suspected black mold at this complex 10 years on. Unless they have ripped the walls down to studs, which from reading the reviews posted seems highly unlikely, I strongly suggest that you stay away from this complex. Your long term health is not worth what you might be saving on rent. ...Full review of Sheffield Square Apartments
Rated Bad:ConstructionGroundsMaintenanceSafety
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Nassau Bay Village Apartments
18290 Upper Bay Road, Houston, TX 77058
Jan 7, 2014 - -Anonymous- said:
The hot water is out. It's 40 degrees outside. It was 25 degrees last night and we have no hot water. This is absolutely unacceptable and ridiculous. They keep raising rent on this place too despite their incompetent inability to provide the basic need of hot water. ...Full review of Nassau Bay Village Apartments
Rated Good:SafetyOffice StaffNoiseGrounds
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The Presidio at Clear Lake
(formerly St. Andrew's Place Apartments & Chateaux Dijon)
16201 El Camino Real, Houston, TX 77062
Jun 14, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
problems with this complex i will address. 1.ac 2.parking 3.office 4.grounds 1. AC, we never Really liked what the outside of the complex looked like but we decided to look inside anyways... and im not going to lie they do look nice inside and that is why we moved in the fact that you have a fixed rate for the electric ours was 85$. WORST DESCION EVER. we move in and the first night was ...Full review of The Presidio at Clear Lake
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