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Apartment Ratings and Reviews in Houston, TX

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54%City Average
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Gentry House Apartments

9001 Kempwood, Houston, TX 77080

11/13/13 by anonymous: I CAN NOT WAIT TO GET OUT OF THIS TRASH HOLE! Management is the absolutely worst I have ever dealt with (and I've live in quite a few apartment complexes). I've been reporting a leak from the past TWO MONTHS! and now they want to charge me a 50 dlrs fee because there is a leak?! how is it my fault that there is a leak?! The apartments themselves are not all that bad if they were managed more


Madison Park (formerly Chasemont Place)

9801 Meadowglen Lane, Houston, TX 77042

01/29/14 by res2014: Run run run... My lease is up in a few months and I am sure as heck out of here! The time it takes to get work order completed is ridiculous, 3 weeks to 2 months or more. You have to go every day and remind them stuff hasn't been done. The office staff are all sweet and try to help but the "Manager" doesn't have a clue because she sits in her office all day behind closed doors more


Arbor Ridge Apartments (formerly Ivystone North)

22921 Imperial Valley Drive, Houston, TX 77073

11/03/12 by anonymous: The apartments itself is not THAT bad. We did get an increase in crime in this general area. Its not only these particular apts. Maintenance is reasonably on time. They usually come right away or at least that same day. I did have a problem with them coming out to fix a leaking window. I called for 2 weeks before they finally came out twice to fix it. And it wasn't completely fixed. It still more


Aston Brook Apartments

14101 Walters Rd, Houston, TX 77014

05/30/13 by anonymous: Would NEVER recommend anyone to live in this apts. This place is a mess. Trash all over the floors, beside the dumpsters, piled up behind the fence behind the dumpster. They do not care as management is very rude. I've been here since Sept and have had to exterminate for roaches 4x and still couldn't get rid of them. Do not live here. more


Brighton Oaks Apartments

777 Bateswood Drive, Houston, TX 77079

07/08/13 by I did live here for 5 years, Besides the bad service of the management; Rats; Rouches; A/C Breaking often when is hot weather, I almost get hurt or die in these aparment complex. The first time 2 years ago they let anybody to live there, so there were people outside most of the day doing nothing, and one day when I was trying to park in one of the spots, there was a guy, more


Coral Islands Apartments

4700 S Kirkwood Rd, Houston, TX 77072

04/26/14 by anonymous: I would not recommend this place. No parking lots after 10 pm, my vehicle got hit, scratch, windows broken that I dont know who did it. Black people is everywhere with big noise sounds from their cars that killing your ear, Spanish people with the party at parking lot, they also wee-wee into your cars. Many kids running outsides. I will never coming back this place, more


Cottages of champions forest

14222 Wunderlich Dr., Houston, TX 77069

06/20/14 by anonymous: My husband and I were looking to move in, but I am so glad we didn't! The price was great, but it is still not worth what you pay for. First of all, the Manager tried to pressure us into signing our lease before we even saw our actual unit. She stated that they had a policy where we had to sign our lease within 2 weeks of paying our deposits, however, that was a LIE. Another, HONEST employee more


Hawthorne Apartments

15770 Bellaire Boulevard, Houston, TX 77083

02/07/14 by anonymous: There is never anywhere to park when i get off work, so my only choice is to park around the corner amd walk a long way to my apartment in freezing cold and raining weather. They lie to you before you sogn the lease then surprise you with all types of ridoculous hidden fees and And the manager --------- is the rudest woman ive ever met in my entire life. I would not recommend these apartments more


La Casita Apartments

313 Sunnyside Street, Houston, TX 77076

08/29/14 by Not A Happy Camper: DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT RENT THERE!!!!!! The bad reviews you're reading here PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO!!!! The place stinks all the time and trash everywhere. It's noisy day and night. All they do is lie to you about everything. They told me I could not have any pets but there are animals everywhere as if the place needed more FUNK. The pictures are of the front/office, the only part more


Morningside Green

11810 Hammond Drive, Houston, TX 77065

07/16/14 by TSANCH12: I move to these apartments back in 2010 , there was some minor issues with neighbors being loud or fights but nothing mayor on that side the place is not that big so there is no really much activity going on . I did had my tired slice once and my truck broken into twice ,they didn't still much but just the fact that it happened was not cool at all.The last year living there i had the more

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