6363 West Airport Blvd, Houston, TX 77035
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The Reserve at 63 Sixty Three is one of Houston's finest renovated communities. We offer incredible amenities such as granite counter tops, vinyl wood flooring, berber carpet and much more. We also have... Continued...

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12/04/2013I have been living in the Reserve @ 6363 for the past year and Im quite relieved that my lease is up. The place isnt horrible but its not perfect either as with any apartment complex. I have experienced some of the things noted in other reviews like the water being shut off for numerous hours(about 6 times in my year being here)sometimes with a notice and sometimes without. The office staff was very nice and courteous upon signing my lease but became none existent shortly after. I never saw them walking around checking on things. Also they have caller ... Full ReviewNO3.0
12/02/2013I lived at this apartment complex from January 2013-August 2013, with a 7 month lease, and I LOVED it. Considering the price of rent and the location, this is really the best complex I've found for the money. The management ... Full ReviewYES4.0
11/21/2013I am anticipating the date that my lease ends. The day I moved in the unit, it was infested with roaches. The unit is old; and the carpet is old. The water is constantly being shut off without notice. Management ... Full ReviewNO3.0
11/17/2013my name is Estevan and I am a resident here and I can honestly say I love the place al though at the moment wanting a bigger apartment I have not had any major issues when I ask for anything ... Full ReviewYES4.0
08/30/2013This place is a total nightmare. Bad lighting, mold, bats, rats, you name it and it has it. My ceiling in the dining room fell in because of mold. The maintence crew is not trained to do most of the ... Full ReviewNO1.0
04/25/2013 The comment below this one is FALSE!!! I live here and...YES5.0
03/27/2013 Cars are towed on this private property from outside...NO2.0
03/20/2013 I had to take a moment and write a review. I have been...YES3.0
01/15/2013 I really love this apartment complex, I just moved...YES4.0
12/15/2012 I love everything about my apartment. The complex is...YES4.0
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The Reserve at 63 sixty three is an apartment community located in Houston , TX .

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