15050 Copper Grove Boulevard, Houston, TX 77095
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12/02/2013Imagine having your electricity provider switched and having to incur an early termination penalty. After 3 hours trying to get management to acknowledge that the company that does the utility billing for Villas accidentally/inadvertently switched my provider. They finally realized who did this, but NOT one apology. The Asst Manager was very defensive and argued regarding this issue. "We would never do that and couldn't do that", when in fact they did. Finally resolved and a credit would be applied to my electric account. THEN to find out that after I paid my electric bill to Amigo Energy, I was ... Full ReviewNO1.0
09/14/2013After reading several of the reviews posted here I thought they were hard to believe until today. While in the area during lunch today I stopped in to speak with the property manager regarding the rear security gates. This is ... Full ReviewNO1.0
09/04/2013the staff are very unprofessional, especially the manager. never try to.help when we have questions. and when she help just jist "bs" so we could stop talking.and try get rid of us. I moved in after couple weeks and theres ... Full ReviewNO2.0
06/20/2013I loved living here until recently. There have been several break-ins on the property (which haven't been reported by the management to the residents). There is trash ALWAYS overflowing from the dumpsters and from the pet waste bins. Since these ... Full ReviewNO2.0
06/05/2013I am not signing another lease here again. In the past 4 weeks there has been like 5 break ins and nothing has been done about them and on top of that the manager has not let anyone know of ... Full ReviewNO1.0
03/26/2013 I will not be renewing my lease here. I have heard...NO2.0
03/21/2013 Current Resident and considering Renewing! I am a...YES5.0
03/11/2013 I live in LA. They told me to move in by Apr.10th so I...NO1.0
01/26/2013 Multiple BREAK INS (actual and attempted)!!! Both cars...NO1.0
09/18/2012 I recently moved from the Villas and I have to say that...YES5.0
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Villas at Huffmeister is an apartment community located in Houston , TX .

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