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Bella Vida Estates

9601 Custer Road, Plano, TX 75025
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I called the office the other day to find out, and the girl that answered the phone didn't even know what WiFi WAS. I guess at least they're not using it as a selling point anymore.

When I went exploring on the Web site to see if they referenced it there, I found they still have the OLD management staff listed!

*** UPDATE ***

It looks like the WiFi IS up and running. Just not with my phone for some reason. I have been able to access it with my laptop both from my apartment and on the clubhouse patio.

Last Updated: 09/10/08
Bella Vida: Please make sure your website is accurate. If it is not true, not working, or just totally B.S. then please remove it. Thanks
08/03/08Manager Response
I am sorry that you are having problems with the Wireless in the business center and the pool area as we do still have this and in fact I connected on Thursday with my laptop here in my office. If you continue to have issues, please come see me and I will be happy to show you how to connect.
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