8205 Towne Main Drive, Plano, TX 75024
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From: -Anonymous-
Date posted: 5/31/2004
Years at this apartment: 2003 - 2004
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Moved in while Lincoln owned property. New owners have let anyone in with a check for the first month. New people do not take care of their area and have little regard for the look of the community. Trash is placed in areas at all times with management doing nothing.

The landscape which was lovely is now neglected along with pool, patio furniture,and infrastructure.

Service needs are not met on a timely basis and are usually not done correctly.

Don't be fooled by the inital outside appearance......go somewhere else.

Last updated: 10/14/2007

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User Responses

From: metalgoddess21 Date: 03/30/2005
This is ridiculous, and so untrue. I moved here less than a year ago, and I had to go through the entire screening process just like anywhere else to make sure I qualified to live here. It's the most beautiful complex I've seen in North Dallas, and believe me I've looked a LOT. There is no trash anywhere, it's very clean and looks gorgeous. Trust me, I'm very picky, so drive through it on your own and check it out, you'll see how great it is!
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