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From: reignofmusik
Date posted: 6/3/2010
Years at this apartment: 2009 - 2010
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So I have lived at Cambridge for about a year and half now. It has its good things and it has its bad things. Every place that you live at will have these problems. I have read the reviews that others have posted and this is my response to all of them...

As far as the security goes, they don't do a bad job. How many apartments are you going to live at where they actually have security? Not many. Most apartments have a 24 hr officer in the complex but hardly any has security actually at the gate and walking around. They do help. Most of the time incidents that have occured was during the day when security wasn't even present. Not their fault. They are hired to work a specific time on specific days. People know that and hence the reason for some of the issues when security isn't here.

When you get a whole bunch of young, fresh out of high school students in one place... you are going to have problems. No matter where you go. This isn't the fault of the office. From what I can tell, Cambridge management does a damn good job. Yes, there are problems but where is there that won't have problems?

In the time that I have lived there, there has been fights and there has been shootings... even break ins. However, when those events have happened, they have been quickly taken care of. You can't stop something unless you know its going to happen. The breaks ins could have been prevented if people would actually be smart about leaving crap in their car and their car unlocked. I don't beleive that Cambridge could have prevented any of those incidents.

Cambridge management goes above and beyond to help people out. They have their rules and they will do as much as they can to help anyone. I know this from experience. I also know that they are very good about evicting people when issues have arised.

Everyone will have their opinions about the complex. All I can say, if you are looking to move and have your doubts about Cambridge. Go in there and talk to Shelly or Belita. They will be honest with you. Take the reviews that bother you and talk to them about it. I did that when I first moved in and I was told the truth.

As far as the walls being thin... really? Is that all you can find to complain about? You are going to find thin walls at most apartments. The furniture is provided and is in my opinon not bad. At least you get furniture.

Maintance problems? I have had a few things that have came up and have had no problems getting them fixed. Remember people, they have multiple requests and they have to be fair.

I'm done. I feel very confident in the management at Cambridge and just wish people would give them a chance. Talk to them if you are having issues. You would be amazed at what happens... Don't just sit there and complain until you get all the facts

Last updated: 6/3/2010

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User Responses

From: Anonymous Date: 06/03/2010
cambridge has no -­-­-­-­-­-­-­ rule.. all the mangement are caked up with make up and have crap in place of their brain...u know what I hope and pray you have as much trouble as I did maybe then you'll realise...this has nothing to do with rules....one parson...says one thing another person says something contradictory.....thats why it was soo frustrating!
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From: reignofmusik Date: 06/03/2010
You are telling me that you have never worked for a company that had rules? Wow! I bet that went well. I'm not taking sides. Just speaking the truth.
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From: cleger Date: 08/04/2010
Wow, from the first comment above... You hope and pray that bad things happen to us? Wow... I hope and pray that you find Jesus.
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