444 E Medical Center Boulevard, Webster, TX 77598
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04/24/2014Nice layout, that's about the only positive thing about this place. Construction has been going on for the past 8 months, and for some reason they decide to take up the majority of our parking spots with their equipment. If you get home after 8pm on a weekday, you're gonna have to walk about a half football field just to get home. That's not such a safe feeling. The office staff is good about maintenance, but bad about everything else. They are very rude and completely incompetent. The lawn people decide to come and mow/make a bunch of noise as ... Full ReviewNO2.0
02/14/2014First the positives - the layout of the apartment is very nice, with a spacious porch and beautiful vaulted ceiling in the living/dining area. Bulkheads are cleverly used to create shelving for decorative accents along the wall. Full of light ... Full ReviewNO2.0
02/02/2014DO NOT LIVE HERE! Waste of money, Waste of time, and all around horrible uncomfortable aggravating living experience. From day one we have had problems! From the odor smell the first day we were moving in, thankfully they did come ... Full ReviewNO1.0
01/21/2014ABSOLUTE WORST APARTMENTS TO LIVE AT!!!!!!! I have had a problem since day 1! Cracks all through the house, doors won't shut, had to replace the front lock because whoever put it together used two different locks(that came out of ... Full ReviewNO1.0
10/26/2013I lived here only a few months before I realized I had to leave. The only thing good about the place was the big deck, oh and the staff is ok, but everything else is horrible. My AC was broken, ... Full ReviewNO1.0
10/01/2013 I enjoy the layout of my apartment, that's where...NO3.0
09/15/2013 The truth hurts. Basically the office staff is not trust...NO1.0
09/07/2013 I hate this place. Things are always breaking and they...NO1.0
06/21/2013 I don't know what everyone is talking about... This...YES5.0
01/09/2013 As a single mother with two girls I strongly advise you...NO1.0
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The Preserve is an apartment community located in Webster , TX . It has also been known as Winward Apartments and Leeward Apartments . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Space Colony Apartments ( 0.5 miles), Waterford ( 0.6 miles), and Harbortree Apartments ( 0.6 miles).

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