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Braddock Lee

2423 Menokin Drive #11, Alexandria, VA 22302
Apartment Rating
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This week just drove home how terrible the management is. During RESIDENT APPRECIATION WEEK, they CLOSED the office for a STAFF PICNIC. How the heck are we supposed to get the new key to our mailbox, which they NEVER TOLD US… Full Review ▶


I sometimes work late, last night was not really the case since I got home just after midnight. I drove to EVERY SINGLE parking lot on the property and could not find a single parking space, but they were several reserved… Full Review ▶


I got home last night at 8 pm and drove around for 5 minutes or so but did not find a parking spot, yet there were -and I counted- 6 unused 'reserved' parking spots. Translation - spots that no one is… Full Review ▶


Used to like it... not so much anymore. With new management things have changed. What used to be a limited parking problem took a turn for the worse when they started charging for reserved parking spots. They have found creative ways… Full Review ▶


The plus factors were location, large windows which made for a bright apartment, good closet space, and safety. The grounds were attractive and most of the time maintained well. Shopping was within walking distance and there was a bus stop across… Full Review ▶


If you're considering Braddock-Lee apartments in Alexandria (or any Home Properties developments), be wary of what you WILL be getting into before committing to a lease. Then look somewhere else where, hopefully, you'll be respected and appreciated and you may well… Full Review ▶


This is a nice place to live, but I have had some problems with the office staff. They do not always return my phone calls. Full Review ▶


I started living here in a 1BR/1BA apartment, and eventually moved in with my fiancee to a 2BR/1BA. Honestly, don't let the apartmentratings gremlins get you down. No apartment is perfect. My last apartment was a little better, but I was… Full Review ▶


Overall, I have enjoyed living at Braddock. No apartment complex is perfect, and I had a few minimal issues as well as some nice experiences. Pros: SAFETY- I moved to the DC area for work after having lived in the midwest… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for the past 4 years and have recently moved not because of anything to do with the staff but rather due to a resident. The office staff, maintenance crew, and grounds crew were all very professional and… Full Review ▶


Management is completely blind to respecting or informing tenants of pertinent news. Rarely notify you of important things like the water being turned off in your building. Rather than walk across the street with a note to put near the entrance,… Full Review ▶


When my lease began last summer, I was really excited about the apartment I had found. As months passed, my opinion of Braddock Lee has unfortunately turned very negative! As for the Pros: 1. Great location to Old Town and the… Full Review ▶


When we first moved into Braddock Lee, we thought we were getting the best bang for our buck. The location seemed nice (although not near a metro) and the community seemed safe. These things may be the case, but these places… Full Review ▶


I have a neighbour who keeps harassing me regarding parking even though I have done nothing wrong. This cowardly person posts a multitude of nasty and threatening notes anonymously in the hallway of my building for everyone to see. This has… Full Review ▶


We have lived here almost a year and are very happy in our apartment. The units are older but are updated very well. One complaint I did have was that because the complex is older, the air conditioning and heating units… Full Review ▶


Is a pain in the arse. There are two churches with large lots and if it wasn't for them allowing Braddock Lee residents and visitors to park there for free, I would probably have a really negative review of this place.… Full Review ▶


Unfortunately I only had the privilege of living there for one year (moved back home to go to school) but the time I spent there was great! It's a quiet, safe community. I never had any problems with neighbors and a… Full Review ▶


Very pleasant rental experiences for the last almost 4 years here at Braddock Lee. Best location around the area and very convenient getting access to the beltway area - right on the exit of 395, with very reasonable price I think.… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

Hello, I have a question about the buildings: I see on the website they have several apartments available in different buildings. Can anyone tell me what side of the complex these are on? Bldg. 601, 625, and 627. Also, I notice… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

My wife and I drove four hours from West Virginia for an appointment that we had scheduled to tour a 1 BR apt at this place. Even though we called and confirmed the appointment, the office staff had no idea that… Full Review ▶


If you enjoy quiet, peaceful surroundings and don't need a lot of fancy amenities, this is a great community. We've been here since the summer of 2008 and like it a lot. We're actually in our second apartment in the complex… Full Review ▶


I just signed my third lease at Braddock Lee, and I am still happy with my decision to move here. No place is perfect, but I am quite pleased. The maintenance staff is wonderful, and they respond! Delores in the front… Full Review ▶


My husband and I have lived in the Braddock Lee for three years. One year in a one bedroom apartment, and two in a two bedroom. The reviews that say OLD are right! That includes the tennants! The older tennants have… Full Review ▶


My husband and I have lived at Braddock Lee for almost a year now and have really enjoyed living here. The kitchen and bathroom are both very small but our large living room and bedroom make up for it. We have… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for roughly a year now and management has always been polite. Too bad being polite does not fix problems such as wicked loud neighbors who don't speak English. Even though the neighbors are violating their lease conditions… Full Review ▶


The 600 numbered buildings are along Van Dorn St. The 400 numbered buildings are along Menolkin Drive. The numbers decrease as you go south on Van Dorn, therefore 601 would be the last buildinhg on the right side coming from King/Menolkin… Full Review ▶


Overall, Braddock Lee is a very nice place to live. It's extremely quiet, and besides hearing the occassional person in the hallway, even weekend nights are peaceful. The neighborhood is very safe and kid-friendly. We've been lucky and have excellent neighbors… Full Review ▶


I have lived here a few months, and absolutely love it. No place is perfect, but the staff has been phenomenal. Delores was key in giving me information, and introducing me to Braddock Lee. She is the best, and was so… Full Review ▶


I've been at Braddock Lee for a year, transferring to this area from "smalltown, usa" .. from day one the staff, particularly Delores, has been wonderful! They've gone out of their way more than once to make me feel at home… Full Review ▶


Great Area.

Product is old (1955) and minor facelift still does not help the heat & a/c systems.

Plumbing is old, has not been re-piped slow drains are the norm.

You can hear most of your neighbors inside YOUR apartment.

Minimum wage staffing does not… Full Review ▶


I was from way out of state and searching for appts in the area and called Braddock Lee and spoke with Delores. She assured me that an appt was available and schuduled me for an appointment. I drove 4 HOURS and… Full Review ▶


It was 80 outside, called apartment management to ask why there is no cooling.
Answer:Because the chief engineer does not think it is a good time to start the cooling.Delightful thought.Sweating!!!!!!!!!!!.
Full Review ▶


I am a younger tennate and can not wait to get out. Neighboors complain about everything and anything. we had police called on us for having our tv too loud!!!
They are rude, snobby, and unlikeable people.
Management is good, maintence… Full Review ▶


I've spent the past two years here at the Braddock Lee and while it has been great it is time to move on. Overall; I like it here. I have a basement unit and enjoy the patio option which has been… Full Review ▶


We thought this would be a great place to live- however, upon moving in, our unit was not as promised, the rental office staff tried to blame us for their incompetence and are consistently rude when you try to get problems… Full Review ▶


I've been here for about a year, and I love the community. I won't be renewing, only because I'm getting a roomate.

That's besides the point.

The apartments are quiet while you're in them, or at least my neighbors are quiet. The paint… Full Review ▶


The grounds are very well maintained. The area is very quiet, nicely located minutes away from everything. The office staff is very nice and helpful.

However, it is very expensive. More than other places and the walls are very thin.… Full Review ▶


We've lived in Braddock Lee since the summer of 2004 and there are pros and cons.
The grounds are beautifully maintained
The location is great for commuting
The apartments are spacious (great closets)
The storage space in the basement

The place is really EXPENSIVE, more than… Full Review ▶


I first moved to Braddock Lee in 2003 and loved it. It's a nice community and was a good deal for such a nice apartment.
Since then, my rent has gone up a rediculous amount and now they are charging for water… Full Review ▶


Hmmm, built by the Tower Companies in 1955, funded under a grant from HUD for low income housing was the beginning of Braddock Lee. Interesting how so many of us love this place? Knock on doors if you dare to compare,… Full Review ▶


I consider myself very lucky to have found a great apartment so close to D.C. with loads of public transportation and great shopping.

I can walk safely around this community at any time of my choosing day or night. My neighbors are… Full Review ▶


Braddock Lee is a stand up community, with the best customer service I've been party to
in any environment. My apartment is sophisticated has a wonderful view and is home to me. I have really good parking and neighbors that I… Full Review ▶



Charming building, crown molding, speedy maitenance, immaculate, safe, and quiet grounds, nearby grocery stores, staff is decent-not friendly, not mean, rather uninformed.


Rent is increasing and utilities are being phased out, boiler system for heat and AC-means the loud units switch once… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for approximately two years. Each year my rent has gone up at least one hundred dollars a month. Next year's monthly rent will be going up over one hundred dollars. I could handle that if it weren't… Full Review ▶


We live here and love it! We have windows all over and really love our view (we are on the third floor and see the most beautiful sunrises every day). Maintenance issues are handled ASAP every time! Very impressive. It is… Full Review ▶


Single occupant moved into a 1 BR/1BA in March.

Things that sold me on the place:
It is not a tower, there are well-maintained grounds, the rent is well below average (and includes all utilities except for phone, cable/sat, and/or… Full Review ▶


I'm happy I chose this apartment complex. The grounds are pleasant and the apartments are roomy and quiet. (Maybe I have exceptionally quiet neighbors, but I hear almost no noise from other apartments.) All utilities are included, so it's a pretty… Full Review ▶


Braddock Lee is the nicest place I have lived. The noise complaints by others are legitimate, but it's worth it. Landscaping is beautiful, apartment buildings are clean, laundry is always available, maintenance staff is prompt and efficient, rent is on the… Full Review ▶



I moved to this apartment for a month. I knew that I am moving this year and I tracked the posts of this web site for over a year. I am so happy that I review this web site… Full Review ▶


well i have lived there for 2 years now, by the way i am 14. my mother livs there with my brother, his hamster and my 2 birds. the area is not quiet at any time of the night due to… Full Review ▶


I have lived in Braddock Lee for two years and have to say that while the location is great (right off 395), the overall noise level leaves something to be desired. I hear my neighbors constantly, and can even make out… Full Review ▶


My fiancee and I have lived here for over a year. We definitely feel this is the best apartment complex for your money. Quiet, bigger-than-avg apartments, well-maintained, nice neighbors, etc.

Biggest downfall is that it is not close to the… Full Review ▶


I have been living in this complex for 6 months and have enjoyed every moment of it. From the first day I considered moving into this complex, the friendly staff and especially Roxy helped me locate the perfect apartment for my… Full Review ▶


We lived here for a year and were very happy. We found it pretty quiet, maintenance was prompt, and the apartment itself was in pretty good shape. I agree with whoever said the windows are great - they´re big and fairly… Full Review ▶


Braddock Lee has been a God Send for me and my family. It is quiet,very beautiful, and apparently well run. I moved from out of state and therfore I was very aprehensive about what apartment living would be like for a… Full Review ▶


Moved from Crystal City to Braddock Lee for the cheaper rent, and ended up liking it more than living in Crystal City. This place is a very good deal for the money. Tough to find similar places inside the Beltway for… Full Review ▶


I?m pretty happy. Noise can be an issue, as noise in the hallways can be annoying. But overall these are solid, nice apartments... the renovated units are pretty lovely and the visitors I?ve had compliment the place. Only thing that annoys… Full Review ▶


I´m in my fourth year here at Braddock Lee, and above all have been very pleased. Part of this is personal taste--I like a garden style apartment with some character, not a new cookie-cutter high rise community. These are older apartments,… Full Review ▶


I´ve been here for about 4 months, and so far I have very few complaints. The staff is helpful and friendly, and I´ve received quick responses whenever I´ve needed maintenance. The parking is so-so. Someone earlier commented that you could park… Full Review ▶


Have you ever wondered what it was like to fall asleep to the lull of your neighbor´s snoring? You´ll never need an alarm either, because you can pick your choice of wake-up sounds, the endeering scream of a child or the… Full Review ▶


A decent place to live. The building is a bit old, but has recently been re-modeled. Security could be better... There currently isn´t any although I have yet to hear of a single problem. Maintainance is o.k. and staff is friendly… Full Review ▶


We checked out nearly EVERY apartment in the area and this was by far the best. Now that we are moved in, we are so glad we live here.

The apartments look like large brick homes instead of the classic,… Full Review ▶


Definitely better than other apartment complexes in this price range. Great area close to shops and 395. Very helpful and courteous staff.
Another user claimed it had great exercise facilities. There are none that I know of, but perhaps it depends… Full Review ▶


These are great apartments to live in. They are being fully renovated as tennants move out, so chances are you will have a new kitchen, bathroom and carpet throughout. DASH buses run right past the apartments to the Metro and Old… Full Review ▶

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