1200 N Courthouse Rd, Arlington, VA 22204
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03/07/2014i have lived here for about 6 years in one bedroom... don't ask me why. I am considering moving. They recently let dogs in...only problem they do not really police the residents who have them. they let the dogs roam free in halls bark at all hours of the day and night, it is ridiculous. i am really looking now that summer is coming. i work odd shifts and between my noisy neighbors (which one girl finally and thank god called the cops on which is now kindov quiet) and the dogs it is just a jungle some days...uhhh i ... Full ReviewNO1.0
11/08/2013Dominion Plaza has been home for me for over 15 years and have had numerous apartments throughout the building (wanted less space then more through the years). It is a very nicely kept building. Here I shall list m personal ... Full ReviewYES5.0
08/22/2013Its the apartment for cockroaches.management does nothing for this issue. the trash room is full of roaches,also there are roaches roaming in the hallway,crawling on the doors of apartment and inside the apartment.I suggest not to buy this apartment even ... Full ReviewNO2.0
04/12/2013We had a two bedroom unit for two years and really enjoyed at time at Dominion Plaza. Our unit overlooked the pool and Army Navy Country Club which happens to be the quiet side of the building. The unit was renovated ... Full ReviewYES5.0
10/05/2012Very discriminated office staff! When I was looking for apartment, called and stopped by to get leasing info. Leasing agent (female) welcome me very pleasant manner first, but as soon as she heard my English with accent, her face expression ... Full ReviewNO1.0
09/11/2012 Definatly not. The apartment complex was making noise on...NO1.0
07/15/2012 i would not recommend this place. The staff is nice and...NO3.0
02/29/2012 First off the neighbors are noisy. The people who are...NO1.0
01/24/2012 I have lived here for almost a year and have only had...YES4.0
01/18/2012 I Have been living here in one bedroom going on oh my...NO2.0
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Dominion Plaza is an apartment community located in Arlington , VA . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Dominion Plaza ( 0.0 miles), Courtland Towers Apartments ( 0.1 miles), and Avalon Courthouse Place (FormerlyArlington Courthouse Place) ( 0.1 miles).

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