1111 Arlington Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22209
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From: stephaniefaith
Date posted: 9/30/2010
Years at this apartment: 2005 - 2010
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I've lived in River Place West since 2005. River Place is an amazing place to live. I work downtown so being able to take the metro on either the blue or orange line is a great thing. If the orange line is crowded in the morning I just wait a minute for a less crowded blue line. When I go out, I eat in Rosslyn or walk to Clarendon or Georgetown. There are multiple bike trails that start in Rosslyn that are really beautiful and fun (Mt Vernon Trail, WOMD, C and O, Capital Crescent, trail across memorial bridge to the smithsonians, etc. Rosslyn also has free outdoor movie nights every Friday evening in the summer, jazz festivals, and many other community events. PLUS we're getting the new Artisphere Oct 10, 2010, which will have a Busboys and Poets!
As for River Place, the pool is AMAZING. It's HUGE and has 4 lap lanes, a deep area, and a beach section that gradually enters the pool. Not to mention the hot tub that fits maybe 15 people.

The gym and pool are free to residents. The gym has free billiards, fooseball (sp?), sauna, steam room, locker room, and tons of machines and weight machines.

My apartment is also awesome. We have a two bedroom, one bath with a balcony that overlooks the pool and Iwo Jima. The kitchen is small but my husband and I have a good system where we can both be in there cooking together- and we do cook every night. It's easy to recycle here and there is a clean trash room on every floor. We have wood floors and use the $20 a month internet from the River Place South building. We also opted against Comcast and instead just get basic channels through the building's antenna.

Oh- there is also a bike room downstairs AND a storage room where you can rent large storage units for only $50 a year!

We have a car but don't pay for parking here because there is free parking in the neighborhood behind Iwo Jima.

I feel safer in Rosslyn than I do anywhere in the DC area. I also love how CVS is right next door to the building, and there is a Safeway down the street.

It is such a pleasure living here both because of the building, the people, and the neighborhood's proximity to DC and all things fun.

Last updated: 9/30/2010

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User Responses

From: Anonymous Date: 01/05/2011
I'll be moving in in a few weeks and was just wondering if you've had any pest issues? It's a huge concern of mine.. also, where is the free parking in that neighborhood?? That's pretty awesome!
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From: Gringa1 Date: 11/13/2012
Hi -­ once I had some bugs in my kitchen. I called the office and they sent an exterminator the next day. I was on a low floor, so that may have been an issue. The parking is across rt 50, opposite Iwo Jima.
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