12201 Pender Creek Circle, Fairfax, VA 22033
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03/15/2014Have lived here for almost two years, and have not wanted to get out a lease so bad in my life! worst management, they have added new rules to the rent as to when it is due, however it does not follow the lease that was signed. Very hard to get a hold of anyone there as it appears that their phone system does not work. ... Full ReviewNO2.0
02/02/2014I have lived here for one year. It was not bat at the beginning but after Gables changed management team all bad things happen, dirty, noisy, and.... They just want your renting without any service. They used have responsible guys ... Full ReviewNO2.0
01/08/2014Full of Roaches. you'll get rid of them as soon as your lease is about to expire. On top of that, the management doesn't care. Annoying continuous noise comes from the AC generator. No way to receive your delivery on time ... Full ReviewNO1.0
01/06/2014I've been here for about two years. Stuff is helpful and nice. Maintenance is reasonably fast...only had two or three minor maintenance so far. my apartment is on the 2/3rd floor, gets plenty of natural light and has nice view. ... Full ReviewYES4.0
11/29/2013Management team changed to an all new staff in September, but they are generally nice. Maintenance requests are submitted online and are usually taken care of the next day. Very good service there. With cold weather arriving I notice cold ... Full ReviewYES3.0
09/14/2013 Pender Creek for what you receive is not a bad place to...YES3.0
08/06/2013 Not too long ago, when a week just after we movied...NO4.0
01/02/2013 Pros >It is close to a few shopping centers and bus...YES3.0
08/12/2012 The building is old, but it's run by good...YES4.0
06/25/2012 But not by much. It would be ok, say, as that...NO2.0
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Fair Oaks at Pendercreek is an apartment community located in Fairfax , VA . It has also been known as Summit Fair Oaks . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Fair Oaks at Pendercreek (formerly Summit Fair Oaks) ( 0.0 miles), Arbors at Fair Lakes ( 0.1 miles), and Avalon Fair Oaks (formerly Hermitage Apartments) ( 0.2 miles).

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